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Book 1: Chapter 27: March of the Black Queen

2020.09.06 03:18 Zithero Book 1: Chapter 27: March of the Black Queen

I glanced at the map of Africa that Dimitria had provided. I examined the countries, most recently destabilized was Mali, a military coup was underway already, a simple process to start there. Granted the entire region seemed like a house of cards.
Dimitria pointed out, “The benefits are that our warriors are used to the environment.”
“Sadly, Mali has no direct coastal access,” I remarked, “if we’re going to have sustained troop and trade movements we need port access.”
“Senegal is a soft target. We could land in Dakar and take the country, then move into Mali from there,” Dimitria advised.
“We leave with a massive force out from Fortaleza, I doubt we’d encounter too much resistance,” I grinned, “if the Americans take even half of Zepherina’s offer then that would at least table them for now.”
Dimitria gave a nod, “We’ve already gotten reports of US-supported troops being captured in Belize.”
“That’s something that needs to come to an end if we are to open into a treaty,” I glanced at Dimitria as one of the senator’s interns approached Dimitria with a phone.
The intern was an adorable little hestie girl, a young one at that. She cleared her throat nervously, holding the phone to Dimitria, “My Steward, President Daiz-Canel is on the line.”
Dimitria smiled, picking up the phone, “Buenos días señor presidente!” Dimitria began, her smile growing. “Nuestra unión empoderará a nuestros pueblos juntos. Le agradecemos por aceptar nuestra invitación para unirse a nuestra armoniosa confederación.”
From Dimitira’s face, I could tell things were going well.
“Muchas gracias, señor presidente. Estaré en contacto con respecto al despliegue de nuestra tecnología avanzada. Esta bien adios señor presidente.” Dimitria ended the call, handing the phone back to the young girl, “thank you dear.”
“That sounded well received,” I chuckled.
“The president of Cuba was happy to accept our invitation,” Dimitiria smiled smugly to me, “I am not surprised. They’re a communist nation, so our new society gels well with their current government model.”
“Except that there is no forced take-over of private industry by the state,” I rolled my eyes, “a noble pursuit, but it leads to corruption.”
“Going to change that?” Dimitiria asked.
“Cuba joined us upon invitation, I merely wish to use them to capture the Caribbean Isles in the meantime, no reason to muck about with their system if it works,” I thought for a moment, “Haiti will be another soft target and with the Dominican Republic right next door, that shouldn’t be difficult either.”
“Puerto Rico is right there for the taking…” Dimitiria snickered.
“Let’s see how the girls fair in Mexico first,” I chuckled, “we can leave it alone as part of our treaty if the United States agrees to our girls’ terms.”
Without warning a woman burst into the room, “My Empress, there’s something happening in Mexico City!”
Dimitria turned to the woman, “What?!”
“What’s going on?” I demanded.
The woman showed me her phone, which featured a video of some kind of strange energy that appeared to have destroyed a building. It was a black and violet sphere of some kind and there were emergency vehicles surrounding the area.
“Where is that?” I questioned.
Dimitria looked over the image, “...that’s… that’s the United States Embassy.”
Whatever was said after that did not matter. I rushed outside and took to the air, heading north. “Rage,” I called out, “Guide me to the US Embassy in Mexico City,” I flapped my wings hard, flying as fast as I could to the Embassy.
After almost two hours, I saw the first sign that I was close. I flew past a golden statue of an angel in a turning circle and flew down the street between a few buildings.
I did not need to go far.
Power Lines were sparking and walls had just finished crumbling around what was once the United States Embassy.
The surrounding buildings were still intact, it seemed the local police had cornered off the area.
I landed behind the police lines, causing several officers to face me.
Most backed away, but one man began to approach me.
I tapped the translation necklace around my neck in preparation for his questions.
“What is this? Was this you?” the officer asked me.
“No,” I shouted over the rushing sound of the wind generated by the anomaly. “What happened?”
The officer looked me over, eventually waving at his fellow officers, “your guards said they saw most of it.”
I turned to see a pair of Penthesilean Royal Guards allowed out of a large police vehicle. Each knelt before me, a pair with black and blond hair respectively.
“What happened?” I asked.
“Princess Zepherina and Stewardess Theodora entered. We were barred from going in, so we waited outside,” the black-haired soldier explained.
I narrowed my eyes on her, “your title is Royal Guard, that means you guard the royalty of Penthesil. Why did you remain outside?”
“Princess Zepherina told us to comply,” the blond guard said, turning from me as I turned to her.
“The princess told you to wait outside?” I narrowed my eyes.
Both guards nodded to me.
“What happened next?” I questioned.
The black-haired guard cleared her throat, “everything seemed normal, then we heard gunfire.”
“Gunfire?” I frowned.
“Yes,” the blond guard explained, “we tried to enter, but the armed guards at the doors stopped us. We fought them back but by the time we got inside there were bodies everywhere!”
“Bodies?” I grew more worried as they told me how the events unfolded.
The blond guard nodded, “Yes, all except one man. A bishop of some sort? We pulled him up to his feet and asked him if he was okay, but…”
“Then,” the black-haired guard picked up, “before we could figure out who else was hurt, the whole building was engulfed in that wind!”
“We barely escaped with our lives!” the second finished.
I stumbled as the ground shook and the crowd nearby shouted in shock and fear.
I turned to the sphere of swirling black energy. “Rage, analyze!” I ordered.
A small red hologram of Rage rose out from my shoulder armor and began to speak only to me, “Energy signature is similar to other instances I had detected and linked to surges from Zepherina. This one, however, is more intense than others, as well as more sustained.”
The pit of my stomach dropped as I examined the swirling ball of destruction before me, “What happened to you, my baby?” I thought to myself, “Rage, can you synchronize my armor’s shielding to counteract that wall of energy?”
“Processing,” Rage said before descending back into my shoulder armor. “Engaging shielding.”
I glanced down as my armor was covered in a translucent sheen of white. I approached the sphere, reaching out with my gauntlet clad hand tentatively, my hand slowly passing through. “Anything for you, my daughter Zepherina.”
I was on guard as I walked into the whirlwind of energy, unsure of what I would find.
While my armor did it’s best, I still felt the force of the wind. I did my best to shield my eyes as the wind kicked up debris and dust.
Finally, as I walked in, I saw Zepherina.
She was levitating above the ground, rings of debris swirling around her, her eyes nothing but a burning bright and intense violet light.
In Zepherina’s arms was Theodora.
The power surging off of Zepherina told me that this was not the same form she had when we fought in the Pentagon. I was certain she could take my head off with a single strike now.
I tried to determine how to approach her. I was just as concerned for Theodora, from this angle, I couldn’t see what state she was in.
“Zepherina!” I shouted.
Zepherina’s head ratcheted towards me and an intense wind blew in my direction.
I tucked my wings against my back and braced myself, “What has happened?!” I shouted out over the wind.
Zepherina shouted, fear in her voice, “I can’t… control…”
“Zepherina!” I screamed, “This power, it’s yours! It’s not something out of your control! It’s something that has been released from within you!”
“I… am… so… scared…” Zepherina gasped and with each word I heard cracking and destruction.
I looked around and found that the field I was in had grown larger. Zepherina’s power was, as she had said, completely out of control.
I took another few steps towards her, standing right behind her, my hand reaching out to her foot, “Zeph! This is your power, whatever it is! Embrace it, don’t be afraid of it!”
Zepherina shuddered and sobbed, “I… can’t…”
“Yes, you can!” I encouraged, “Zepherina, you have too!” The ground shook again, and I fell to my knees. “Zeph, don’t be afraid of yourself! If you let fear take you, people are going to die! Innocent people outside of this building!” I shouted. “I know you, I know you’re not a monster like me!”
Zepherina looked down to me, the light from her eyes blinded me as I was forced to turn away.
Zepherina began to scream, seemingly in agony, and more wind picked up.
“Zepherina!” I shouted over the cacophony of wind and shattering glass, “claim your power! Take it! Don’t fear it! Embrace it!”
In an instant, the wind died down and I watched as Zepherina slowly floated down to the ground. An arc of energy shot from her foot to the ground as she made contact.
I turned to see the police and guards approaching, I held up my hand, signaling for them to keep their distance, “Everyone, stay back! ”I shouted.
There was some confusion in the faces of the onlookers.
I got to my feet and charged towards the senior officer who had greeted me when I first arrived, “Evacuate these two buildings,” I shouted, and pointed to the buildings that had flanked the now ruined embassy. “And establish a wider perimeter!”
The officer nodded and turned, shouting instructions.
I turned to my Royal Guardswomen, “you two, get our transport here, now!”
Both saluted and rushed off.
I looked around, seeing the crowd getting pushed back. I turned to see Zepherina on her knees, hugging Theodora to her tightly, sobbing.
I walked over to her and knelt by Zepherina’s side, “Zepherina… what happened?”
Zepherina continued her sobbing, looking up to me with her eyes still full of violet fire.

I was bobbing my head in the helicopter as we flew over Mexico City, finishing up with Theodora’s playlist.
I will give you sanctuary in these hymns of Thanatos!” Theo growled out as a guitar riff kicked in.
I will give you sanctuary!” I growled out next.
The next verses Theo and I sang together, “You want to see me burn, I am living fire! You want to see me burn? I am living fire!!” we drew the last word out, headbanging with the music.
The chopper landed and Theo and I laughed as we got odd looks from the pilot.
“Welcome to Mexico City, ladies!” The royal guards laughed as we were helped out of the chopper.
I smiled as I saw a set of humvees with American flags on them waiting for us. We all piled into the trucks and I took in the sights of Mexico City as we made our way to the embassy.
“I’m so thankful for this,” Theo grinned to me, “we’re going to save so many lives together!”
I smiled wide, “yeah. Maybe I’ll see Timothy.”
“Timothy? Who’s that?” Theo asked. “You sure are meeting a lot of boys.”
I laughed, “he’s my half brother,” I smiled, “Eva had a twin brother.”
“Gross,” Theo scoffed, “sharing a womb with a boy? No wonder Eva’s cursed.”
“Ehem,” I fake coughed, “she’s still my sister.”
“Half-sister,” Theo pointed out.
I rolled my eyes, “Eva speaks to God. Timothy and Eva both do.”
Theo gave me a very incredulous look.
“It’s true!” I asserted.
“Okay,” Theo chuckled, “you see any of those creepy thousand-eyed angels who go ‘be not afraid’?”
I laughed, “Captain Sofia is pretty scary.”
Theo narrowed her eyes, “Sofia? As in Captain Sofia Vasquez?”
I frowned, “Yeah.”
“Wait, you know that monster?!” Theo gasped.
“She’s not a…” I trailed off, recalling what I had seen Captain Sofia do, “Well, okay, yeah, she’s pretty badass, sure but-”
“Badass?!” Theo shouted, “Zeph she damn near killed your momma!”
I sighed, Theo saying it like that made it sound as if it were true, but still, I didn’t fully believe her or Ragna. “She was protecting her own soldiers,” I turned my attention to the window. “Momma had killed a few of them.”
“Trying to get you,” Theo pointed out.
“I didn’t ask her to do that,” I turned to Theo, “I was never held captive. We were on a mission.”
We pulled up to the Embassy, parking in the lot behind the main building. I chuckled, noticing how small the building was between a hotel and a much larger building next to it. “How unAmerican.”
“I know right?” Theo snickered as we climbed out.
The drivers escorted us to a door where I was greeted by a man in military uniform.
“Are you Zepherina Hippolyte?” he asked as I approached.
“Yes,” I smiled, “and this is Stewardess Theodora Rigus, of Penthesil. We’re here to meet with the US Ambassador,” I looked at the military markings on his uniform, “Colonel.”
“Colonel Davis,” he saluted.
I saluted back. “Princess Zepherina.”
“Your guards will have to wait outside,” Colonel Davis ordered.
“They most certainly will not,” Theo shouted.
“Theo!” I rushed to her, “this is a peace mission… we have diplomatic immunity, there’s nothing to be afraid of,” I reminded her.
“But this is for our protection,” Theo objected.
“Yes princess, what if something were to happen to either of you?” Astrid, the blond-haired guard spoke up.
“It is our task to keep you safe,” Myrine, the black-haired guard added.
“Listen,” I grinned to Myrine and Astrid, “if anything happens, I’m there.” I flexed my bicep, “I’ve got this.”
Theo sighed, “Well, there isn’t anyone out there that can take down Zeph.”
Myrine and Astrid both saluted and stood near the doorway to the Embassy.
I smiled and turned to Colonel Davis, who escorted us inside. “I’m really happy that we could get this meeting arranged.”
Theodora nodded, “There’s no reason we cannot be civilized.”
As I walked into the building there were a number of soldiers, men in suits, and even some visitors. I even noticed an old Catholic Bishop of some sort who was visiting. He seemed out of place, to say the least.
A pair of men with “MP” on their arms approached us. I turned to Colonel Davis, “so when do we meet with the ambassador?”
Colonel Davis frowned, “Afraid you’re not meeting with the ambassador, Ms. Hippolyte.”
“What?” I frowned.
One of the MP’s placed a set of handcuffs on my wrists.
“What is the meaning of this?!” Theodora shouted, storming up to the MP who had cuffed me.
Colonel Davis sighed, “Zepherina, I’m under orders to take you in. You’ve been labeled as AWOL and as such you must face a court-martial.”
“Wait, I did no such thing!” I protested.
“Ms. Hippolyte,” Colonel Davis explained, “At first we thought you a prisoner of war, but you arriving on behalf of an enemy of the United States is, at the very least, a case of you going AWOL and at worst an act of active treason against your unit.”
“She returned to her home country!” Theodora shouted, “this is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of!”
Colonel Davis frowned to Theodora, “Ms. Rigus-”
“No,” Theodora shouted, “Zepherina was working with your military as a favor and part of a specialized mission, as many Penthesil’s Valkyries do!” Theodora argued, “Her returning home is only natural!”
“At the end of her rotation,” Colonel Davis pointed out, “Not to mention this is before your nation became hostile to US Interests!”
“Says the man arresting a member of a diplomatic envoy!” Theodora screamed in the Colonel’s face, staring down at him.
“I am following my orders, Ms. Rigus! You are still to meet with the ambassador,” Colonel Davis growled.
I took a deep breath, “It’s okay Theo, I’ll work this out.”
The MP’s began to lead me away from Theo, but she blocked them.
“If you think you’re taking Zepherina away from me again, you have another thing coming,” Theo narrowed her eyes on the MPs.
“Ma’am,” Colonel Davis ordered, “Move.”
“Theo!” I protested, “It’s okay! I’ll talk to my commanding officer, we’ll work it out!”
Theo held out her arms on either side of her, Theo’s eyes locked on mine, “you are not going with them.”
I frowned, “Theo…”
“Break those stupid handcuffs and let's go, these negotiations have clearly fallen through,” Theo declared.
“Theo!” I shouted, turning to Colonel Davis, “Now look what you’ve done! Please, I beg of you, just let me go so we can speak to the ambassador, then I’ll stay for any kind of trial you want me to do!”
“The trial will take place state-side, Ms. Hippolyte,” Colonel Davis informed me.
“I…” I sighed, ready to give in.
“Fuck this,” Theo shouted, punching one of the MP’s in the face and pushing the other out of the way, “Come on Zeph, we’re leaving!”
The MP who was pushed out of the way shouted, “Freeze right now!”
Theodora turned around, I did as well, moving between her and the MP who now had his rifle drawn.
“We have diplomatic immunity,” Theodora shouted, “if you do any harm to us then that is a violation of the 1973 Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Crimes against Internationally Protected Persons!”
Colonel David glared at Theodora, “Arrest them both, this one for going AWOL and that one for assaulting a soldier.”
Theodora picked up her fists, “I fuckin’ dare you.”
I took a step back, keeping my body between Theodora and the guards, “Theo, listen, we need to get out of here.”
Theo gasped and I turned to see someone had grabbed her from behind!
I rushed to him and locked my fists together, still in the handcuffs, and slammed them down on his shoulder.
Theodora rushed to the downed MP and grabbed his sidearm, “Okay, anyone does anything and we kill this motherfucker!”
I picked up the fallen MP, and sighed, “This isn’t what I was hoping for.”
Theodora looked to me, “yeah, but it’s exciting isn’t-”
Someone’s rifle went off multiple times.
Theodora blinked a few times, a look of confusion on her face as she dropped the sidearm.
“Who the fuck opened fire!” I heard Colonel Davis shout.
A trickle of blood leaked from Theodora’s mouth as she coughed, splashing me and the MP with blood.
My eyes went wide as I rushed to her, catching her in my arms, “Theo!”
I caught her as she was going limp, her eyes wide, wet and scared, “Z-Zeph… I… they got me?”
I looked to her chest and gasped, blood was soaking her robes! “Medic!” I shouted.
Theo shivered in my arms, her complexion going pale as she went into shock, coughing up more blood, “I... guess… I’ll never get that… kiss…”
I was shaking, my feathers were ruffled and I leaned down, kissing her softly on the lips.
Theodora returned the kiss, her hand weakly moving up to my cheek before it slumped to her side.
I pulled away, “Theo, you’re going to make it, don’t you dare leave me here alone!” I shouted.
Theo’s eyes were opened, a smile on her face, but she wasn’t moving.
“Theo?!” I screamed.
Theo’s eyes were glassy and vacant, looking away from me, her body limp.
“Theo, look at me!” I fearfully moved my fingers to her throat, “T-Theo?”
No pulse. No answer.
“No….” My eyes filled with tears. “No!” I shouted. She was just here! She can’t be gone! Not that fast! How?!
“On your stomach!” someone shouted.
“Theo… Theo wake up!” I screamed.
“Get on your stomach!” The MP shouted.
My hands were shaking, my wings felt stiff. My breaths were coming faster and I felt my heart hammering in my chest. I tried to speak but I couldn’t. I knew what was about to happen, I was shifting. It was faster than before and stronger.
I let out a scream of anguish that was apparently loud enough to shatter windows and I felt myself shift, “Theo!
But it wasn’t like any shift I had before. My heart stopped, my breath halted, as I got to my feet.
My body wasn’t shaking and as I turned, everything was in slow motion.
The MP’s were firing on me now.
I walked towards them or at least it felt like walking. I could see the bullets in mid-air as I walked past them.
I grabbed the rifle in my hand and gripped it tight, it shattered in my hand like glass. With nothing else in my hand, I thrust my fist forward, trying to punch the MP in the chest.
His eyes went wide as my fist plowed through his chest.
I pulled my fist out and watched the life leave his eyes as he collapsed on the ground at my feet.
I felt something strike my cheek and turned. Colonel Davis had his sidearm drawn and his eyes widened in disbelief as I turned to him.
“What the hell are you?!” he shouted.
I rushed to him, the floor tiles under my boots shattered and broke as I moved. I tried to gently grab him, the cuffs having shattered off of my wrists so easily I didn’t even register their existence.
As I grabbed the Colonel by his shirt, it ripped in my hand. I felt more little pebbles striking the back of my neck.
I turned my head to see two more soldiers shooting at me. My lip lifted in a sneer and I spread my wings, flicking a pair of my feathers at each of them.
I heard them scream briefly before they were impaled on the sharpened feathers.
I looked at my shaking hands in horror. I had killed three men effortlessly. I turned to Colonel Davis, “Where’s the Ambassador?”
Colonel Davis narrowed his eyes on me, “I knew you were a traitor!”
I screamed, “You did this!” my hands shook.
Colonel Davis’s eyes went blank and I took a step back, unsure of what had just happened.
Blood leaked from the Colonel’s eyes, nose and ears as he slumped forward, dead.
My whole body was shaking now, I looked at my hands once more. “What is happening to me?!”
I looked up to see more soldiers on the upper floors. I jumped upwards, landing in between the group of them, “where is the ambassador?!” I demanded, quietly this time.
They all took aim at me.
“Don’t…” I warned, “Or you’re going to die… I can’t…”
More annoying pebbles struck me.
My whole body shook again and I tried so hard to remain calm, but my anger surged! I spread my wings, thrusting two more hardened feathers from their tips.
I looked to my right and left. Three men each were now skewered by my feathers, pinned down to the ground by the black blades. One soldier at the back wriggled and squirmed before eventually slowing his movements, blood pooling beneath each group of men.
My face twisted into an angry grimace, my eyes welling up with tears, “I… I warned you!
I marched my way down another hallway, my fists clenched and continuing to shake. My wings shivered as I heard a tinkling like glass wind chimes brushing against each other.
I saw the door now, a door which had a nameplate on it. “William C. Lawrence. U.S. Ambassador.”
I gritted my teeth, walking to the door and tearing it off the hinges. What greeted me was a solid steel security door with multiple bolts.
I growled in anger and grabbed it, my fingers sinking into the material like it was made of playdough. With no effort, I ripped the security door off its hinges, a flurry of little pelting strikes hitting my skin.
I was shaking as I saw a man cowering behind six armed guards, all wearing body armor and riot gear, unloading their clips at me.
When they stopped, I spoke, “If you value your lives, leave. If not… you’re all going to die! And there’s nothing I can do to stop myself…”
“Eat this bitch!” one of the guards fired a grenade at me.
I felt the heat wash over me and I closed my eyes as it did. The force of the blast did nothing, though I felt the floor shift under me.
I opened my eyes. Despite the smoke, I saw them. I saw the soldiers, some cocky and brave, some fearful and worried. One man was running.
I didn’t care about him.
I walked forward and grabbed the guy who threw the grenade at me. It was now I realized my cloth robes were burned away, leaving only my armor.
I threw the man across the room. I winced as I heard his spine snap from the sheer speed I had thrown him with.
One of the soldiers pulled out a knife and tried to stab me. I blocked it with my forearm.
I turned and watched as the blade snapped against my skin.
The soldiers’ eyes went wide as he looked at the knife and I did the same.
What?” I thought to myself, “What is this?”
Another surge of power pulsed through me and I gasped as a force pulsed from my body, knocking the soldiers away and pushing the Ambassador against the wall.
I gritted my teeth and tried to clench my fists as Demond showed me, trying to pull the power under my control.
I turned to the soldiers, yet another pulse surging from my body, forcing both men through a concrete wall.
I turned away, looking at the Ambassador, taking a deep breath and trying to speak softly, “Who ordered my arrest?”
The ambassador was literally pissing himself, “I’m sorry… God forgive me… please…” he fell to his knees, “please have mercy… it wasn’t me!”
“Who…?” I hissed.
“It was the President, he demanded your arrest!” the ambassador whimpered.
I took another breath and forced it out slowly, I turned to his desk and spotted a red phone. I reached out for it and it leaped into my hand.
“What am I? What is happening?” I shivered, unsure if I was afraid of my own power or if another surge was coming. I addressed the ambassador, handing him the phone, “Put Him On!”
The ambassador took the phone and dialed a number. He swallowed hard as the call was answered.
“Did you get her?” I heard the voice on the other end of the phone perfectly.
I clenched my jaw so hard I thought my teeth were going to break, I reached out for the phone and it flew into my hands. I spoke softly, “Who is this?”
“This is the Goddamned President of the United States of America - Who the hell is this?” a pompous voice answered.
My vision blurred and I shuddered in anger, “My name is Zepherina ‘Hera’ Hippolyte, Princess of the Penthesilean Confederation.”
“Why am I talking to you? You should be in cuffs heading back stateside!” the President shouted.
My lip lifted in anger, “your men killed the Steward of Penthesil.”
There was silence, followed by a chuckle.
Is he laughing? Is he laughing at Theodora’s murder?!
The Ambassador began to scream in pain, he grabbed at the side of his head in agony, blood leaking from his nose as another surge pulsed through me, a wind surrounding me, pushing harder and harder against his body.
“The price you pay for betraying the United States and running off with the enemy, little girl,” the President taunted.
Little Girl?!
I was shaking and I heard a pop. I turned and saw the Ambassador's skull had caved in.
I hissed into the phone, “Mr. President, you’re the one who’s going to pay!
“Put Ambassador William back on,” the President said, “I’m done talking to you, girly.”
My jaw chattered in anger, “You just declared war on Penthesil.”
“Oh really?” the President laughed again, “what are you little ladies going to do to us? We’re the United States of America: We’re the only SuperPower left. We are an Empire, little girl.”
I couldn’t stop myself as I screamed, “I will tear your whole fucking empire down!”
The walls shattered around me and the floor broke beneath my feet.
A surge of power so intense coursed through my body that I couldn’t stop every one of my limbs from shaking.
I saw everything glowing purple and I turned around to see Theodora’s body laying on the ground. When did I leave her there? She shouldn’t be left there on the floor.
I walked towards her and cradled her in my arms, “I’m sorry,” I whispered. “I can only destroy. I can’t protect.” I felt myself lifting into the air as I hit a wall. A surge of power I was trying to keep from completely overwhelming me. “So… I’ll have to… destroy… to protect… everyone…”
As I struggled with the power inside of me, which threatened to pour out, the wind swirling around me gave me something to focus on. The slight crashing and smashing of debris as the wind pulverized concrete into sand, bones to dust, and wood to splinters.
I wanted to cry, but I felt no tears from my eyes. Only heat. Only rage. Only hatred.
I held Theodora tight against my chest.
It felt like I was there forever until I heard a single voice.
“Zepherina!” the voice shouted.
I turned to it.
Of all the people to come to me.
Of all the times.
Why was it her?
My accursed mother.

I leaned over Zepherina, noticing that Theodora was completely limp, blood covering her chin and neck. Further, inspection revealed several bullet holes in her chest.
Zepherina lost control of herself and killed everyone in the building, that was clear.
Something I would have done on a whim or improperly placed word.
But Zepherina wasn’t a monster, she wasn’t like me.
Yet here she was, her wings black and blade-like, her eye sockets lacking actual eyes, instead violet balls of fire floated in her empty sockets.
“Zepherina, what has happened to you?” I asked.
Zepherina was heaving sobs and embraced Theodora’s body tightly. “Why… can’t I…”
I frowned, “Protect the ones you love?”
Zepherina turned to me, despair on her face, and gave me a nod. The fire shifted to smoke in her eyes.
I knelt next to her, “because they’re not as strong as us. Things that would kill them don’t harm us. So, sadly, even if we’re right next to them…”
“She was here… and then…” Zepherina’s voice caught in her throat.
“Let’s take her home,” I offered.
Zepherina turned to Theodora’s corpse, stunned.
“She doesn’t want to be here,” I coaxed.
Zepherina gave a weak nod, “yeah. She wanted to go. So we should go.”
“On your feet, come on soldier,” I took Zepherina’s arm in my hand. It felt like I was holding steel.
Zepherina turned to me, “what did you call me?”
“Soldier,” I pulled her to her feet, “I said on your feet, soldier.”
Zepherina’s wings wrapped protectively around Theodora’s body as the transport landed.
I ran towards the transport, helping Zepherina in and climbing in myself. “Let's go!” I shouted as I shut the doors.
With that we were airborne.
I turned to Zepherina, the smokey balls had now turned to small little balls of steam in her eyes. She looked over her wings, “I normally would have turned back by now.”
I sat next to her, “you did this when you fought me. Is it difficult to turn back to normal?” I asked.
“No,” Zepherina frowned, “I… I feel stuck.”
I pursed my lips as we headed home, “We’ll get you unstuck.”
Zepherina whispered, just under her breath, “I don’t know if I want to be unstuck.”
I frowned, looking out the window. Was she going to wind up like me? No. I couldn’t let that happen.
One of me is enough for one universe. There doesn’t need to be another.
After an hour of silence, I had to ask the question: “Was she a lover?”
Zepherina was stoic as she spoke as if she had burned through her emotions for the day, “a lover and a fighter. Just not mine.”
I nodded, “so a dear friend then.”
“Like you’ve ever lost anyone,” Zepherina spat.
I looked at Zepherina, “Moria. I loved her.”
Zepherina turned to me.
“She was a genius,” I smiled wistfully, “she made the adapter that… well, made you.”
Zepherina’s eyes turned back to Theodora.
“She was killed and I could do nothing at the time,” I frowned, “I know your pain, Zepherina.”
Zepherina was silent.
“I think you went easy on them,” I added.
“What?” Zepherina turned to me.
“What did you tell them, before you killed them?” I asked.
Zepherina looked away, “that I would tear their empire down.”
I nodded, “lucky for them they didn’t have to deal with me.”
Zepherina turned to me.
“I wouldn’t just kill them or burn their bodies. I’d slaughter their families. I would tear their elders from the ground and smash their tombstones. I’d have Rage burn through the databases and erase any sign, any trace of their existence from this planet. I’d make it so history wouldn’t remember them and the present day wouldn’t be allowed to even speak their name. Their families, their friends, all obliterated,” I continued. “They wouldn’t even be a fairy tale by the end of the day. Nothing to remember them by, just a brief and insignificant fleck that made the grave mistake of crossing my path.”
Zepherina turned from me as the chopper began to descend.
I hoped that my overblown reaction gave her some modicum of closure. Closure that what Zepherina had done paled in comparison to my actions, if I was in her stead.
It was meager, but I hoped it offered her some consolation.
As we landed, I saw a number of soldiers rushing towards the transport. Generals, Royal guards, and Theodora’s mother, Dimitira.
I heaved a deep sigh, turning to Zepherina, “we’re home.”
“Home?” Zepherina said, touching her wings. “...what are they going to think of me? No one has ever… seen me like this…” she said with trepidation.
“They will think whatever we want them to think,” I proclaimed as I got out, helping Zepherina down after me.
As Zepherina stepped down, still carrying Theodora in her arms, Dimitria approached.
“Theodora?” Dimitria gasped as turned around, “Medic! My daughter is hurt!” she screamed.
Zepherina knelt before Dimitira, laying Theodora’s body before her. “She’s… dead. I’m so sorry.”
Dimitira stopped, her face going pale, “What did you say?” she whispered.
“Theo’s…” Zepherina stood, turning away from Theodora’s body.
Dimitira hit the ground with her knees, her hands reaching out to Theodora’s body, “No…” she whispered in disbelief, her eyes growing wet.
The generals around us also turned from the sight.
I did not look away. The Soldiers of Penthesil often ignored emotional distress, but that was not something I would ever do. Life is pain and death is a release from it.
“No!” Dimitria screamed, “My little girl! No!” she fell forward, screaming Theodora's name over and over, pulling her body closer to her as she wailed in anguish.
Zepherina’s face pulled down into a distraught grimace, even as she looked away. She caught me looking at Dimitiria’s breakdown.
I glanced back to Zepherina briefly, motioning my head towards Dimitira and Theodora, encouraging Zepherina to not turn from the sight before us.
Zepherina slowly turned to face Dimitira’s hysterical cries.
Dimitira now glared up at us, rage behind the tears streaming from her eyes, “Who is responsible?!”
Zepherina didn’t hesitate, whispering, “The President of the United States.”
Dimitira got to her feet, tears continued to run down her face. She shouted to me, her voice cracking as it did, “We are at war then, are we not, my Empress?”
I was about to speak before Zepherina looked Dimitira in the eye, causing her to step back in shock.
The others did as well.
Zepherina’s eyes transitioned from steam to a pair of burning spheres of violet fire, “We are at war. And the United States Government will pay for its crime against Theodora!”
“Then so be it,” I decreed, standing proudly beside Zepherina, “The Penthesilean Confederation is now at war with the United States of America.”
“We will tear their capitals down, but spare their people,” Zepherina said softly, looking up to the generals. “For Theodora,” Zepherina said with determination, a mixture of sorrow and anger behind her voice.
Dimitria clenched her fist, tears still hot on her cheeks, “For Theodora!”
“For Theodora!” all of the generals shouted in unison in their call to action.
I pitied the poor girl as I looked down at her body. It was a shame Theodora was gone and I mourned for the pain it caused Zepherina. Yet, what stuck in my mind was how well this played in my favor.
Now, I’ve got the power.
Zepherina was at my side, my soldiers emboldened to strike at our newest enemy. But still, this felt like a cursed wish, something that came at a grave cost. I narrowed my eyes and wondered if my father had something to do with it.
An epiphany struck me, a detail I had overlooked due to the chaos surrounding the situation at the time: What business does a Bishop have at a US Embassy? And how was it that the sole survivor of Zepherina's wrath was this said Bishop?
submitted by Zithero to The_Guardian_Temple [link] [comments]

2020.01.29 12:09 Soy_Bethsarim La Experiencia del Presidente de Reclaimed Voices Países Bajos (Traduccion del Inglés)

26 de enero de 2020
El final de una semana emocionante.
Hace exactamente dos años, Reclaimed Voices tuvo su primera reunión con empleados del Ministerio de Seguridad y Justicia. Nuestro objetivo? Discutir cómo los testigos de Jehová manejan las quejas de abuso sexual y solicitar una investigación independiente.
Ahora, después de dos años, hay un informe de investigación. Pero eso no ha pasado sin una pelea.
El liderazgo de los testigos de Jehová en los Países Bajos:
submitted by Soy_Bethsarim to Extj [link] [comments]

2020.01.04 23:28 StarvingForIntimacy I nuovi leak di dati da Cambridge Analytica/SCL evidenziano possibili sforzi atti a mettere mano alle elezioni italiane.

Qualcuno ha dato un occhio ai dump di SCL/Cambridge Analytica appena leakati? Apro un post dato che non sono convinto di capirne abbastanza, non ho trovato niente su google e il caffè forse non era così adatto alla cosa.
In particolare nel fascicolo sul Kenya (a questo tweet c'è un documento chiamato "SCL Elections NY outreach" dove si trova una email chain iniziata da Mark Turnbull (che si firma Managing Director, SCL Elections) datata Ottobre 2015.
Io ci leggo che qualcuno in Italia ha parlato/contrattato con CA per mettere mano alle nostre elezioni, è un follia. Sono sicuro di non essere il primo ad accorgermene ma non riesco a trovare niente su google.
Edit: @stagista di Repubblica: indaga e facci sapere.
Dear Brittany,
I have compiled below a list of upcoming elections sorted by geography and date using this source:
I am keen to start the NY outreach for SCL Elections this week whilst selling Matt's US elections blog and also advertise the way we can export techniques and expertise from the US elections to other jurisdictions. Could you get back to me about the list below (also attached) and let me know about (a) countries that I should not contact and (b) countries that I can contact but for which I need to cite preexisting arrangements.
For (a) North Korea and Iran spring to mind as well as Mongolia, which is already a client & sorted (Benin strangely is not listed in the wikipedia list).
For (b) Kenya springs to mind as an example from recent discussion.
Note the list below is merely compiled to have an organizational structure to start collecting embassy and other relevant contacts, whilst working with the 71st session of the UNGA next year, 13-26 September 2016, as the first deadline (to be replicated yearly thereafter). Any complete instructions about existing clients and non-targets would be helpful but is not necessary at this stage (just give me a couple of hints).
List of countries for elections is below & attached. (Segue lista di paesi con data preseunte elezioni, Italia 2018 inclusa)
Seguono un paio di email e la seguente risposta:
Hi Robert,
You will see that you have just been sent an invitaton to a smart sheet entailed Global Sales Pipeline. This is the smart sheet we use to keep track of who we have spoken to, when we have spoken to them and the general progression of our discussions.
Having gone through the list you sent through with both Alexander and Marcus (the person in charge of outreach in London) it made the most sense to add you to this for you to compare directly. I am currently going through andLondon) it made the most sense to add you to this for you to compare directly. I am currently going through and chasing up people we already have made contact with.
In short we currently have contact with:
Italy (Currently in serious talks)
Cosa pensate significhi? Che erano in contatto con qualche partito politico/persona/ente interessato a manovrare le elezioni? O altro che non capisco?
Dear Mark and Brittany,
I have done some research on which countries we can target for SCL global elections sales. Here is the developing draft list for outreach with contact details for the political parties. I have used the correspondence from October last year as the catapult for this.
Please see below & let me know your thoughts whether this is a working framework and if affirmative I get started and develop the list.
I assume that Mongolia June 2017 and Mexico July 2018 are covered (yet wouldn't hurt to have follow-up meetings in NYC?). Germany in September 2017 is also covered. Let me know if I have missed any other countries. Looking forward pursuing this together.
Warmest wishes,

Ecuador's election in February 2017
Armenia's election in May 2017
  • Contact the Republican Party of Armenia for meeting with President Serzh Sargsyan or Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan through the party's
Serbia's election in May 2017
  • Contact Serbia's Progressive Party for meeting with President Tomislav Nikolić or Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić through the party's
Rwanda's election in August 2017
Algeria's election in November 2017
  • Contact the National Liberation Front for meeting with Abdelmalek Sellal (Prime Minister) or Abdelaziz Bouteflika (President) through the website contact details:
Chile's election in November 2017
Sierra Leone's election in November 2017
  • Contact the All People's Congress for meeting with Ernest Bai Korma (President) through embassy (website of party is defunct).
submitted by StarvingForIntimacy to italy [link] [comments]

2018.08.08 13:14 JorgeGilManager 13 Estrategias de Marketing Digital para Instagram que debes utilizar

Estrategias de Marketing Digital para Instagram realmente Ganadoras

Instagram dia a dia se esta convirtiendo en una de las RRSS más potentes de todo el mercado. Con mas de ocho millones de cuentas comerciales registradas Instagram se ha convertido en una RRSS más que contrastada para negocios y para conseguir nuevos clientes.
Alrededor de 80 millones de fotos son subidas diariamente a Instagram por su gran base de usuarios, base que tu negocio no debe perder la oportunidad de aprovechar.
Vale la pena señalar que el 60% de los usuarios de Instagram están entre los 18-24 años. Este grupo demográfico es muy interesante para todas las empresas pero en especial para ellas que quieren crear una audiencia fiable a largo plazo, por este motivo (entre otros) Instagram es tremendamente competitivo, en especial en el mercado anglosajón, sin embargo con una buena estrategia vas a conseguir con total seguridad posicionarte por delante de tu competencia.
A continuación vas a encontrar algunas estrategias de Marketing en Instagram que te van a permitir tomar partido en esta plataforma y quedarte en la cabeza de tus clientes por delante de tu competencia.
Las 13 estrategias que vas a encontrar a continuación.
  1. Cambia tu cuenta a Instagram Business
  2. Potencia tu visibilidad con Instagram Ads.
  3. Asociate con Influencers contrastados.
  4. Promoción cruzada
  5. Estudia los datos correctos.
  6. Hashtags si, pero no de cualquier manera.
  7. Crea una Bio para tu perfil realmente buena.
  8. Ten una estrategia en Instagram clara.
  9. Crea contenido por adelantado.
  10. Convierte tu perfil de Instagram en un embudo de ventas.
  11. Crea concursos en Instagram.
  12. Crea historias de Instagram.
  13. Construye una base de seguidores fuerte y fiel en Instagram.

Estrategias de Marketing Digital para Instagram realmente ganadoras #1.

Cambia tu cuenta a Instagram Business

Antes de sumergirte en el interesante y rentable mundo del Marketing en Instagram, asegurate de que tienes una cuenta comercial o cuenta de negocio en Instagram, para saber más sobre este tipo de cuentas, accede a la sección de informacion oficial de instagram sobre cuentas comerciales.
Estos son algunos de los beneficios más evidentes de convertir tu cuenta en una cuenta comercial de Instagram.
Hacer este cambio es realmente sencillo pero va a representar un gran paso en tu estrategia de Marketing en Instagram. si no sabes como cambiar tu cuenta a la versión negocios, échale un vistazo a la guia oficial de Instagram para cambiar a cuenta de negocios.

Estrategias de Marketing Digital para Instagram Ganadoras #2.

Potencia tu visibilidad con Instagram Ads.

No olvides los anuncios patrocinados, según eMarketer la cantidad de compañias que utilizan publicidad en Instagram va en aumento y actualmente la cantidad de anunciantes en Instagram supera a la que Twitter tenía en 2.017.
Esta estadística revela que la publicidad de Instagram llego para quedarse. Y como empresa o negocio debes explotarlo cuanto ante pues puede representar una ventaja competitiva abismal respecto a los competidores en tu nicho y en el mercado hispano.
Además de el hecho de que Instagram tiene una base de datos de 700 millones de usuarios, aquí van algunos datos importantes para que consideres el iniciar tus campañas en Instagram cuanto antes.
Como ves, invertir en publicidad en Instagram es una gran forma de obtener visibilidad y rentabilidad, además es un recurso que en el mercado hispano aún es infrautilizado por lo que tienes un gran margen de respuesta.

Estrategias de Marketing Digital para Instagram Ganadoras #3.

Asóciate con Influencers contrastados.

Si realmente deseas llegar a tus clientes potenciales en Instagram entonces debes plantearte el trabajar con Influencers importantes que tengan una base de seguidores que encajen con el perfil de tu cliente ideal.
Al fin y al cabo ellos ya han hecho el trabajo duro, es decir el de crear una audiencia receptiva y fiel que esté dispuesta a escuchar. Con cada vez más personas comprando productos en base a las noticias o recomendaciones que ven en sus RRSS es indispensable asociarse con Influencers cuyos seguidores realmente puedan estar interesados en nuestros productos.
Así que repito, asóciate con influencers con una base de seguidores que encaje con tu cliente ideal y si no sabes que es o como saber cual es tu cliente ideal te invito a que leas el articulo Público Objetivo o Target Group en Marketing: ¿Qué es?
Los influencers de Instagram son usuarios populares que tienen una gran base de seguidores que aceptan sus recomendaciones y responden satisfactoriamente a sus contenidos. Sin embargo, para que tus campañas de promoción con Influencer en Instagram sean realmente rentables asegurate de que el Influencer en cuestión tiene experiencia con tu tipo de producto.
Échale un vistazo al siguiente ejemplo, en donde HP promociona uno de sus concursos mediante un influencer importante en su nicho.
Olvídate de conseguir ganancias a corto plazo y ventas directas de tu producto con tus campañas. En su lugar, concéntrate en construir una estrategia de marketing a largo plazo con la ayuda de Influencers. Tu objetivo debe ser crear una fuerte conciencia de marca (branding) entre un público que realmente pueda adquirir tus productos en el futuro.

Estrategias de Marketing Digital para Instagram Ganadoras #4.

Promoción cruzada.

Una de las mejores maneras para aumentar el alcance de tus publicaciones y el de tu marca en general es con la promoción cruzada, es decir, promocionar tu Instagram en tus otras RRSS.
Quizas ya tengas seguidores en Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn u otras, entonces ¿por que no los invitas a seguirte en Instagram también?
Al utilizar esta estrategia vas a conseguir generar mayor exposición para tu contenido y a la vez vas a reducir el coste de producción del mismo..
A continuación quiero compartir un ejemplo de promoción cruzada de la firma de abogados expertos en lesiones Marcus & Mack.
Dependiendo de tus objetivos en RRSS puedes automatizar tu estrategia de promoción cruzada para que tus contenidos se autopubliquen en otras RRSS automáticamente.
OJO: Se trata de planificar la publicación no de publicar exactamente lo mismo, personaliza cada una de tus publicaciones aunque el contenido sea el mismo, ten en cuenta que dependiendo de la RRSS pueden funcionar mejor unas prácticas u otras (hashtags, menciones, etc)
TIP: Ten siempre en cuenta que presencia tiene tu público objetivo en las RRSS con las que decidas llevar a cabo tu estrategia de promoción cruzada.
En definitiva, cuando utilizas esta estrategia basándola en una buena planificación, esta estrategia consigue potenciar tu visibilidad en múltiples canales y a su vez transmitir una sensación de coherencia y linealidad.

Estrategias de Marketing Digital para Instagram Ganadoras #5.

Estudia los datos correctos.

Conocer el funcionamiento y rendimiento de tu cuenta de Instagram es el primer paso para mejorarla. Cuando sabes lo que estás haciendo y la repercusión que está teniendo y puedes medir estos resultados de forma objetiva, entonces puedes permitirte “experimentar” para mejorar.
Cuando analizas los datos correctos puedes hacerte una idea de cuando tu estrategia está bien encaminada aunque aún no haya dado los resultados esperados en última instancia (es decir, ventas).
En definitiva, es importante que conozcas los datos que son realmente importantes a nivel general para tus publicaciones y campañas en Instagram.

Tasa de crecimiento de Seguidores.

El número de seguidores que tienes puede considerarse como una cantidad subjetiva (por aquello de los seguidores activos y los inactivos). Sin embargo, tu tasa de crecimiento de seguidores no, ¿por qué no?, sencillo, al estudiar tu tasa de crecimiento vas a poder determinar cómo tus contenidos, publicaciones, promociones, etc. están consiguiendo despertar el interés de seguidores activos (al fin y al cabo están siguiendo nuevos perfiles, en este caso, el tuyo 📷)

Tasa de interacción.

Medir el compromiso de tus seguidores, lo que incluye me gustas o comentarios es vital para saber que tipo de publicaciones funcionan mejor, esta información te dará una idea de que debes cambiar (si es que debes cambiar algo) y que pasos tomar para mejorar tu estrategia. Recuerda fijarte bien en ambas tasas de interacción, es decir la total y por publicación, así te harás una idea más clara del tipo de contenido que tus seguidores consumen.

CTR (Click Through Rate) de URLs en tu perfil.

El seguimiento del CTR que podrás ver en Insights se limita a los enlaces en tu biografía de Instagram. Saber cuántas personas hacen clic y en qué links exactamente te va a permitir ver si tus llamados a la acción para esos enlaces realmente funcionan o incluso conocer qué ubicación para tus enlaces funciona mejor.
Al monitorizar estas estadísticas y otras como por ejemplo crecimiento de hashtags, interacción con hashtags, etc. vas a conseguir promocionar tu negocio de una forma mas eficiente en Instagram pues vas a concentrar tus esfuerzos en lo que tu audiencia realmente consume. No tengas miedo a probar para conseguir aún mejores resultados.
Si no entiendes lo que estas estadísticas significan no dudes en contactar con un experto y contratar sus servicios si es necesario.

Estrategias de Marketing Digital para Instagram Ganadoras #6.

Hashtags si, pero no de cualquier manera.

Todos los negocios que promocionan su marca o su producto conocen el poder de los hashtags, al igual que todos los usuarios de la RRSS. Pero lo cierto es que la clave para el exito con hashtags en Instagram es saber utilizarlos estrategicamente, es decir, no se trata de que incluyas 30 hashtags en tu publicacion (máximo permitido por Instagram). Se trata de que incluyas aquellos que son realmente relevantes y te van a permitir ganar visibilidad.
Debes tener en cuenta dos tipos de hashtags distintos (Si, hay distintos tipos de hashtag :))

1. Hashtags específicos, de marca o campaña:

Los hashtags de campaña son los que creas para promocionar eventos o cualquier otra iniciativa que tenga en marcha, los de marca son los que representan a tu marca comercial directamente, es decir, el nombre de la marca, el eslogan (si es corto y realmente puede ser un hashtag atractivo) y los hashtags especificos son aquellos que creas para que sean únicos y representativos de tu negocio sin que necesariamente sean de marca.
En cualquier caso, asegúrate de tus hashtags sean originales, pegadizos y atractivos (no pongas un exceso de caracteres en el. Visualmente es muy agresivo).

2. Hashtags de contenido:

Estos hashtags se usan dentro del contenido y tienen que ser relevantes para el. Si bien no tienen que ser los más populares, sí que permiten que tu público encuentre tus contenidos más fácilmente. Estos hashtags, aun cuando puedan parecer simples son fundamentales para la correcta difusión de tu contenido, sin embargo, cuidate de no sobrecargar tus publicaciones y de utilizar los hashtags de contenido en un contexto claro y coherente.

Estrategias de Marketing Digital para Instagram Ganadoras #7.

Crea una Bio para tu perfil realmente buena.

Cuando creas una bio para cualquier perfil comercial, es indispensable conseguir que los demás se lleven una impresión positiva de ti o de tu negocio. Yu biografía de Instagram debe explicar claramente lo que hace tu negocio, el tipo de personalidad que este transmite y contener frases o llamados a la acción para fomentar que los usuarios tomen medidas.
Échale un vistazo a este artículo Las 7 Pautas Indiscutibles Para Crear la Mejor Bio Para Twitter es cierto que no son pautas para Instagram especificamente, sin embargo, estoy convencido de que te será de gran ayuda pues los conceptos que debes aplicar para crear una biografía exitosa son parecidos entre las distintas RRSS.
Además, asegúrate de prestar especial atención a los siguientes aspectos de tu biografía en Instagram.
Dedicarle tiempo a la creación y el cuidado de tu perfil de Instagram va a repercutir enormemente en las interacciones de tu público y en cómo te ven lo que a su vez creará más confianza, no dudes en tomarte todo el tiempo que necesites y en buscar toda la información necesaria para crear un perfil de Instagram ganador.

Estrategias de Marketing Digital para Instagram Ganadoras #8.

Ten una estrategia en Instagram clara.

Tener una estrategia de contenido clara y solida en Instagram (y en cualquier RRSS o blog) es indispensable para tu éxito en esta RRSS. Sin contenido útil y relevante vas a tener mucha dificultad para captar la atención de tu público objetivo, mucho menos para fidelizarlo.
Saber previamente el tipo de contenido que te conviene publicar dependiendo de lo que a tu público le pueda resultar más relevante en un momento u otro es vital.
Si lo que buscas es aumentar la conciencia de tu público respecto a tus productos entonces debes crear contenidos que se centren más en tus productos (no necesariamente vendiendolos).
Si lo que buscas es mostrar el lado más personal de tu empresa o marca. Humanizarla en definitiva entonces plantéate crear contenidos tipo “detras de camaras” para que las personas vean que detrás de la marca siempre hay personas reales.
En cualquier caso y al margen de la estrategia que busques a corto, mediano y largo plazo con tu cuenta de Instagram, ten siempre en cuenta el contenido creado por ti pero también aquel que el usuario puede crear (usa concursos, encuestas, etc.) mediante sus interacciones y opiniones.

Estrategias de Marketing Digital para Instagram Ganadoras #9.

Crea contenido por adelantado.

Uno de los mayores desafíos de muchas empresas es el crear contenido constantemente y publicar ese contenido de forma activa una y otra vez, sin embargo, la constancia en lo que a publicaciones se refiere es indispensable para obtener grandes resultados, de otra manera tus usuarios van a detectar esa intermitencia en tu actividad como irregularidad lo que repercutirá en la imagen que tengan de tu negocio o de tu empresa, hasta el punto de olvidarse de ti.
Una buena manera de evitar esta situación es crear una planificación para su contenido y programar la publicación de este con al menos un mes de antelación, para hacerlo efectivamente ten en cuenta lo siguiente:

Entérate de lo que viene:

Para planear correctamente tu contenido, debes saber que va a suceder en el periodo para el que quieres planificar tus publicaciones, es decir saber el futuro :), no, no necesitas un médium, pero sí es importante que conozcas qué eventos populares o relevantes para tu público van a tener lugar para así poder crear publicaciones en ese contexto.
De modo que si sabes que dentro de un mes habrá elecciones, por ejemplo, quizás puedes crear algún tipo de contenido relacionado que no perjudique a tu marca (Ojo si decides politizar tu marca, pues puedes estar cerrando a un sector amplio de tu público objetivo).

Cuida la edición.

Asegurate de dejar totalmente preparadas tus publicaciones, de esta manera no vas a tener que hacer ediciones de último minuto que al final te generen más trabajo repentino, eso no significa que algunas publicaciones puedan necesitarlo, pero si esta en tu mano, evítalo. De esta manera optimizarás tu tiempo.

Programa tu contenido correctamente.

Utiliza una de las muchas herramientas que hay en el mercado para esta tarea, personalmente te recomiendo Hootsuite pero hay muchas otras herramientas de automatización de RRSS que te pueden resultar útiles.
En definitiva el planificar correctamente y con antelación tu estrategia de marketing te va a permitir prestar atención a otros aspectos diarios de tu estrategia de marketing en Instagram.

Estrategias de Marketing Digital para Instagram Ganadoras #10.

Convierte tu perfil de Instagram en un embudo de ventas.

¿Puedes vender productos a traves de Instagram y ganar dinero?... ¡Desde luego!. de hecho Instagram es una gran plataforma para llevar tu negocio a otro nivel y aumentar tus cifras de venta convirtiendo en un nuevo e innovador canal de distribución. Sin embargo, es importante que tengas en cuenta que Instagram es diferente, por ejemplo, si no estás utilizando Instagram Ads, no vas a poder agregar un enlace a un sitio externo en tus publicaciones.
Para vender en Instagram lo mejor es que te centres en lo que se ha demostrado que funciona, es decir, crear una imagen de marca muy fuerte que conecte con tu público y que les ofrezca una imagen cercana y humana de tu empresa y tu producto. Para conseguirlo debes.

Estar activo diariamente.

Habrá muchos marketer o Community Manager que te digan que no es importante publicar todos los dias en Instagram y es relativamente cierto, sin embargo, es muy importante que todos los dias estes activo, es decir, que interactúen con tus publicaciones; que las comentes, que compartas otras publicaciones, que sigas a otros expertos, etc.
Al estar activo de manera regular, aumentas la posibilidad de que las personas adecuadas detecten tu perfil. Este hecho puede marcar la diferencia, a largo plazo podrás ver que tu actividad constante en Instagram contribuye positivamente a tus distintas estrategias de marketing en Instagram.

Ve más allá de las fotos de producto

Si bien es cierto que no hay problema en publicar imágenes sobre tus productos, debes poner un límite a la cantidad de contenido de este tipo en tu perfil, para saber en donde esta el limite la regla 70-20-10 es perfecta.
Independientemente de tu tipo de negocio tu perfil de Instagram debe contener fotografias que reflejen la esencia e ideologia de tu empresa. Tus publicaciones pueden ayudar a que tu público entienda el punto de vista tuyo y de tu compañia, negocio, marca o producto con el fin de que entiendan todo lo positivo que puedes darles. Por ejemplo, puedes publicar citas inspiradoras con naturaleza de fondo, un tipo de imagen y contenido que transmite salud, paz, compromiso medio ambiental y a su vez aporta un contenido que en rasgos generales tiene más opciones de ser compartido lo que automáticamente aumentará la visibilidad de tu marca.

Publica fotos con personas reales.

Cuando ejecutas un negocio orientado a productos, tienes la oportunidad de mostrar tus productos siendo usados o en interacción con personas reales. Por ejemplo, si vendes bolsos, puedes utilizar fotografías de personas utilizando tus bolsos en lugar de fotografías de los bolsos en sí mismo.
Los usuarios de Instagram se sienten atraidos por aquellas fotos que parecen naturales y poco fingidas. Al involucrar personas en tus fotografías consigues que tu producto se vea más auténtico, este tipo de fotos también ayuda a transmitir a tu público cómo se siente el llevar tus productos.
Por último, pero no menos importante, no necesitas tener acceso a modelos profesionales para tomar buenas fotografías. Puedes mostrar a personas de a pie utilizando tus productos y sera igual de efectivo pues va a parecer muy genuino.

Estrategias de Marketing Digital para Instagram Ganadoras #11.

Crea concursos en Instagram.

Instagram puede funcionar muy bien como canal de distribución y marketing para prácticamente cualquier negocio, incluido el tuyo, pero recuerda que es necesario que te comprometas con tu público objetivo significativamente, es decir que te comprometas a aportarles valor constantemente tanto con tus productos gratuitos como de pago.
Una forma dinámica de demostrar ese compromiso con ellos es creando a concursos y ofreciendo totalmente gratis contenidos con valor o pruebas de tu producto.
Si bien, cuando se trata de crear concursos en Instagram existe una curva de aprendizaje que se debe tener en cuenta, tampoco se trata de ciencia espacial. Cuando tu concurso consiga ser exitoso vas a beneficiarte de ellos en más de una manera, no solo vas a conseguir aumentar tus seguidores sino que además le vas a dar visibilidad y exposición a tu producto, genial ¿verdad?.
Instagram no tiene ningun tipo de limite de promoción de concursos, lo cual es genial para tu estrategia, la única limitación (o mayor ventaja) es tu imaginación. A continuación te presento tres modalidades de concursos que han probado ser exitosos y que te pueden dar algunas ideas.

Concursos por likes.

En este caso lo único que necesita el usuario para participar en el concurso y tener la oportunidad de ganar es darle “like” a tu foto, eso es todo. Dado que el usuario no tiene que llevar a cabo ninguna acción que implique demasiada atención o esfuerzo para participar, este tipo de concursos es ideal para aumentar el compromiso y la respuesta de los usuarios. Solo dar “me gusta” hace que el concurso sea mucho más ágil, este tipo de concurso puede traerte nuevos seguidores pero no es su objetivo principal.

Concursos por comentarios.

Este concurso es similar al anterior pero como su nombre indica se debe comentar para participar. Este tipo de concursos están muy bien si buscas algún tipo de comentario específico y al mismo tiempo deseas aumentar la participación en tu publicación.

Concursos por fotos.

Si eres un usuario activo en Instagram, seguramente conozcas este tipo de concurso pues es realmente popular en la RRSS, es sencillo, los usuarios deben publicar en su perfil un tipo de foto muy específico y usar un hashtag que represente al concurso. El motivo por el que este tipo de concursos funciona tan bien es porque le da relevancia a tu hashtag y en definitiva a tu marca.
De cualquier manera, ten en cuenta que dependiendo del concurso el esfuerzo para tu usuario será mayor por lo que la recompensa debe serlo también, si no ofrece un premio que le transmita al usuario que vale la pena participar no vas a conseguir ningún resultado.

Estrategias de Marketing Digital para Instagram Ganadoras #12.

Crea historias de Instagram.

Crear y compartir contenido auténtico es fundamental si quieres que las personas te reconozcan, a ti o a tu negocio. Para conseguir transmitir esa sensación de publicación “genuina y poco planificada, por lo tanto auténtica” es recomendable que utilices las historias de Instagram, es una función similar a la de Snapchat, seguramente la conozcas.
Al utilizar este tipo de publicación (desaparecen 24 horas después) consigues generar la sensación de constante renovación y actualidad que predomina en Instagram, además transmites cercanía y frescura pues no es una función que en el mercado hispano las empresas o negocios usen a menudo.
Las historias de Instagram son una excelente manera de mantener a tus seguidores comprometidos y brindarles un excelente contenido, antiguamente en Instagram solo podías publicar fotos, ahora ha cambiado para volverse mucho más interactivo.
La verdadera pregunta es ¿por qué crear contenido que va a desaparecer en 24 horas?. La respuesta es bastante simple, esta “fecha de caducidad” del contenido consigue transmitir urgencia a los usuarios por lo que toman decisiones como compartir, comentar, etc. mucho más rápido, gracias a las historias de Instagram vas a conseguir que muchas más personas noten tu marca.
Cuando lo comparas con las fotos en Instagram, las historias son mucho más faciles de crear, lo unico que necesitas es una buena idea y ya esta, realmente no es necesario un exceso de preparación para poner tu historia al alcance de tus seguidores.
Además, un aspecto muy positivo de las historias de Instagram es que gracias a que solo se ven por un tiempo limitado puedes probar distintos tipos de publicación para saber si hay alguna realmente rompedora, todo sin arriesgarte a que esta publicación sea permanente con todo lo negativo que una mala prueba de contenido puede traer para tu marca.

Estrategias de Marketing Digital para Instagram Ganadoras #13.

Construye una base de seguidores fuerte y fiel en Instagram.

Como dueño de tu producto o negocio o incluso como representante de otro producto o negocio, si realmente quieres rentabilizar tu cuenta de Instagram es vital que te centres en fidelizar a tus seguidores y en ampliar la cantidad de seguidores realmente comprometidos con tu marca.
Si tus seguidores no están ansiosos por interactuar con tu contenido nunca veras una rentabilidad real positivo respecto a tu inversión de tiempo y dinero en tu perfil de Instagram. A continuación te dejo algunos tips para que crees y mantengas una comunidad de Instagram comprometida, si quieres saber más sobre cómo ganar dinero con Instagram haz clic en el enlace.

Conoce a tus seguidores

Si no conoces a tu audiencia, nunca sabrás cómo darle lo que quiere y necesita, incluso aunque logres publicar fotografías y videos geniales no vas a conseguir nada si no consigues que tu público objetivo vea tus publicaciones. Por ese motivo debes esforzarte en hacerle preguntas a tu público a fin de conocerlo mejor, de saber que tipo de contenido le gusta, que horas de publicación prefiere, que dias, etc.
Recuerda que cuanto más esfuerzo pongas en conocer a tu audiencia en Instagram (y en general) mejores resultados conseguirás con tu estrategia de marketing digital.

Haz más preguntas

Hacer preguntas a tus seguidores en tus publicaciones funciona muy bien para aumentar la participación de estos, el motivo es muy simple, a las personas les gusta sentirse valorados y escuchados. Concretamente, tus seguidores quieren que de alguna manera tu consideres sus opiniones como importantes, por eso valoran que les preguntes.
Cuando haces las preguntas correctas estas contribuyendo a crear una base de seguidores más atractiva (lo que atrae a nuevo seguidores). es tan sencillo como preguntarles a tus seguidores qué tal su dia o cuales son sus planes más inmediatos (¿Y si haces una encuesta teniendo en cuenta esto?).
También puede funcionar muy bien el que muestres parte de tu entorno a ellos y les pidas una opinión al respecto, en conclusión, de lo que se trata es de que consigas establecer una charla con tus seguidores para así conocerlos mejor, de esta manera le darás un toque humano a tu perfil de Instagram y obtendras información muy valiosa, no te preocupes si al principio no te responden, con el tiempo la cantidad de personas que lo hacen aumentará.


Instagram está lleno de marcas, pequeñas y grandes empresas que están deseando promocionarse, por eso es indispensable saber diferenciarse si realmente quieres conseguir grandes resultados en Instagram.
Si eres un blogger de viajes, tal vez podrías compartir consejos de viajes realmente únicos, compartir tus experiencias es una manera realmente buena de diferenciarte principalmente porque nadie conoce tus experiencias como tu mismo.
También es muy recomendable que te plantees compartir consejos útiles todos los días con tu público, en definitiva entre más orientado a la buena información esté tu perfil de Instagram más facil será conectar con tu público y que este te valore a ti, a tu marca y compre tus productos. Se trata en gran medida de aplicar una estrategia de Inbound Marketing a tu cuenta de Instagram.
Y esto es todo por hoy, si realmente te gusto este articulo, si te pareció útil, por favor compártelo, esos 15 segundos son tu mejor gracias :)
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2017.11.01 04:38 paniniconqueso As a native speaker of English, I completely agree with this:

I read a comment that I feel was BANG ON and resonated with my own personal feelings about the awkward situation in which speakers of other (particularly smaller) languages feel vis-a-vis one of my native languages, English.
"Més enllà de les nostres fronteres, l'anglès ens ajuda a posar-nos en contacte amb persones i cultures ben diferents: si no fos per una llengua comú, desarrelada ja fins i tot dels seus orígens, no ens seria pas possible, aquesta comunicació tan rica i fructífera. "
Un moment, un moment. El que estàs definint no és l'anglès, és l'existència d'una llengua comuna per a tothom. I ja veurem si l'anglès servirà per "entrar en contacte amb cultures diferents" o per matar-les.
Jo, estic a favor que hi hagi una llengua comuna per a tothom, a condició que no sigui la llengua de ningú. Si no, hi ha ciutadans de primera i de segona. Si no, estem donant un avantatge afegit als poderosos del planeta. Què fan els angloamericans durant la incomptable sèrie d'hores que nosaltres hem de dedicar a aprendre la seva llengua? Ells no aprenen la nostra, ni cap d'altra. Ells es preparen. Què fan amb els diners que s'estalvien perquè no han d'aprendre anglès? Ells es preparen. Són ja d'entrada més rics, tenen més temps i es preparen millor (i si no es preparen gaire sempre trobaran feina com a professors d'anglès en algun racó de món). De manera que el dia que hagis de competir amb ells per una plaça laboral, per vendre un producte o en un congrés de qualsevol matèria, ells hauran tingut més temps per preparar-se i sempre jugaran a casa perquè el teu anglès mai no serà tan fluïd, tan fresc i tan convincent com el d'ells.
No entenc el vostre entusiasme. A casa meva, d'això en diuen "cornuts i pagar el beure".
"Beyond our borders, English helps us to get into contact with people and cultures very different from our own. If it wasn't for a language in common, derooted even from its origins, it wuldn't be possible for us to have that rich and fruitful communication that we enjoy."
Wait up, wait up. What are you are defining is not English, it is the existence of a language that is common to everyone. And we'll see whether English will help us to "enter into contact with different cultures" or will kill them.
I am for having a common language for everyone, on the condition that this be the language of no one. If not, there are going to be first class and second class citizens. If not, we are giving an extra advantage to the powerful of the planet. What do the Anglo-Americans do during the countless hours that we have to dedicate towards learning their language? They don't learn our language, nor do they learn any other language. They prepare. What do they do with the money that they save because they don't have to learn English? They prepare. They're from the outset richer, they have more time and they prepare themselves better. And if they fail to prepare themselves better than us, almost always they'll be able to at least find some job as an English teacher in some corner of the world. So that the day we have to compete with them for a job placement, to sell a product or in a meeting of whatever subject, they will have had more time to prepare themselves and they will always play from a home field advantage because your English will never as fluid, as fresh and as convincing as theirs.
I don't understand your enthusiasm. Where I live, we call that "getting kicked in the balls and having to be grateful for it."
Let me add something that I feel could be added to this comment:
Not only are we native speakers more fluent in our language than learners, by definition, we unfairly tilt the playing field so that if you don't have our accent, we discriminate against you. It's a well known fact that Chinese people or Indians with their accents get discriminated against in finding a job or finding a place to live, how can they compete with prejudice like that?
Also, what does it mean to put oneself into contact with another person? A second commentary just below the one I quoted is just as powerfully stated:
De todos los extranjeros que viven en Tirana (Albania), donde yo vivo, pocos, muy pocos, saben decir algo en albanés, ¿para qué?, piensan. Trabajan en inglés, sus compañeros albaneses hablan inglés, la chica de la panadería sabe inglés, hasta el viejito que les indica como llegar a la playa cercana habla inglés... Eso es ponerse en contacto con otras culturas, sí señor. El inglés global, este "globish" que chapurreamos todos, no sirve para poner en contacto culturas, sirve para comprar, para reservar una habitación en un hotel, para decir de dónde es uno, para decir OK!... Y sirve para crear ciudadanos de primera y de segunda, como dice Viktoro. No es lengua común, es lengua impuesta.
Where I live in Tirana, Albania, very few foreigners know how to say anything in Albanian. Why should I, they think. They work in English, their Albanian workmates speak English, the girl at the bakery speaks English, even the old man who tells them how to get to the beach speaks English...and this is "getting into contact with other cultures", uh-huh. Global English, this Globish that we all speak more or less, doesn't help us to get into contact with other cultures, we use it to buy, to reserve a room in a hotel, to say where we are from, to say ok. And it's used to create first class and second class citizens, as Viktoro said above. It is not a common language, it is an imposed language.
This seems to me, prima facie, to be completely true. In Albania, we don't use English to know Albanians or Albanian culture. ALBANIANS use English to know something about US, so we don't have to know anything about them.
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2017.09.28 12:48 Aksha9

Bienvenidos a mi humilde Blog. Su aspecto y decoración llama mucho la atención por se podría decir lo cursi o rosa que es, pero es mi toque personal. Que encontraremos dentro del blog? Guías, Logros, Sección para encontrar todos los eventos,Los items del juego, Horario de eventos, Recetas forma mística, El mapa. básicamente lo que interesa, puede que no sea interesante, puede que otras paginas ya lo publiquen mil veces mejor, vídeos en yotube de todas clases, si puede ser, Pero este blog lo he echo para mi y con todo el cariño para quien quiera leerlo:P. Encontramos guías que se han echo muy populares y con mas de 50000 visitas como Paramos de Argentos logros y guía, Forja Mística, Mawdrey Mawdrey, Cazadora de tesoros, Mochila Legendaria: Ad Infinitum, Legendarias, logros de historia, otros nuevos como Gatos hambrientos, Aurora, Armadura legendaria. en total mas de 140 artículos, Podría hacer una lista enorme. Son mas de 4 años dedicándome horas seguidas en redactar y publicar todo aquello que puede ser interesante en el juego perdiendo horas de juego y diversión. Quiero que los jugadores de GW2 no tengan que acudir a paginas en ingles para recibir información y guías , quiero recoger todo lo que hacen los jugadores de la comunidad hispana, que es mucho y muy bueno, quiero poner mi granito de arena es esta comunidad. Ademas de mis guías encontraremos guías de otros autores. Todas las guías que he publicado de otras personas tienen los consentimientos de los autores y se especifica claramente quien es el autor. Los vídeos son de yotubers sobretodo de Eil, amigo y creador de vídeos de logros en el juego. Es un proyecto que me gusta y que he llevado sola con mucho esfuerzo. Que quieres colaborar en redactar buenos artículos yo encantada. ponte en contacto conmigo [email protected] o dentro del juego Aksha.5328 Todas las guías son echas a mano, yo no tengo ningún contacto con arenanet y no recibo ninguna ayuda ni información de gw. Mi información es de los jugadores y de la experiencia. No hay mucho mas que decir :*
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2015.10.01 19:32 Clausanoid [Contratando] Varios puestos de TI en Hermosillo, Sonora

Buenos dias/tardes/noches, Intugo es un shelter para empresas extranjeras dentro de las industrias de Tecnologías de Información, Centros de Contacto y Operaciones de Back Office o BPO
¿Qué hacemos? Atraemos a empresas extranjeras, líderes en su industria, para que instalen operaciones en México. Nosotros proveemos todos los servicios de soporte administrativos que la empresa extranjera necesita para operar en nuestro país, permitiéndole así enfocarse en sus procesos de negocio principales. Actualmente nos encontramos buscando personal para cumplir con los siguientes puestos:
Job Description: Internet Brands owns and operates a network of over 100 high*traffic websites. We’re currently looking for junior PHP developers that have at least a year of web dev experience and want to work in an environment in which they’ll be challenged by our senior developers to grow their skills every day. We don’t expect you to start out as a rock star, but we expect you to want to become one. While PHP is the language that we prefer to develop in, you’ll be working with a number of different platforms, including vBulletin forums, Movable Type CMS, various PHP frameworks (CakePHP, Symfony, homemade frameworks, etc), jQuery, and more.
Here are some things you’ll need to have accomplished or be experienced in: *Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, or equivalent experience *1+ year experience with PHP *1+ year experience with SQL *Skilled with CSS, Javascript, jQuery, AJAX *1+ year experience in LAMP web development *Familiarity with Apache or IIS HTTP server configuration *Strong English written and verbal communication skills (80%)
Here are some things that we don’t require, but make us give a candidate a second look:
*SEO knowledge *Comfortable using the Linux command line *Perl or other programming languages *Experience with vBulletin or Movable Type *Experience with MVC frameworks (CakePHP, Ruby on Rails, etc) *Experience with open source CMSes like Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress, etc *Knowledge of OOP *Experience with unit tests
Job Description: Internet Brands’ network of websites serves up nearly 1 billion total page views a month, and our monthly traffic was recently ranked in ComScore’s Top 50. Every day, our worldclass operation tackles large scale, highly complex technical challenges that have almost no parallel in the industry As one of our PHP Developer's you will work closely with the product team to develop new features and frameworks for highperformance websites like,,, and many, many more. You will join an entrepreneurial, friendly culture that applauds innovation and results, and embraces change. You will be encouraged to take strong ownership of your work, and given latitude for breaking ground on new ideas.
Need to have: At least 3-5 years objectoriented programming in PHP Frontend technologies such as JavaScript, HTML, and CSS *Complex SQL queries and database schema design *Work with MVC frameworks (Zend, Symfony) *Work in a collaborative team environment using tools like issue trackers (Jira) and version control software (Subversion) *Stable work history and an ability to collaborate effectively *Knowledge of consuming and creating Web Services
Nice to have: *Other programming languages such as Java, .NET, PERL, Python, or Ruby *Memcached *Unit testing *SEO concepts *Page load optimization *CMS systems like MovableType, Wordpress
Candidates should expect to write code during the interviewing process. Code samples and links to your portfolio or your GitHub account are always appreciated.
Job Description: We are currently seeking a Lead PHP Developer, who will work closely with our product team to develop new features and technical infrastructure for high*performance websites. This role will play an integral role in maintaining and improving site performance, and mentor development staff as needed. You will join an entrepreneurial, friendly culture that applauds innovation and results, and embraces change. You will be encouraged to take strong ownership of your work, and given latitude for breaking ground on new ideas.
Need to have: * 5+ years objectoriented programming in PHP. * Frontend technologies such as JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. * Complex SQL queries and database schema design. * Worked with MVC frameworks (Zend, Symfony, Yii). * Worked in a collaborative team environment using tools like issue trackers (Jira) and version control software (Subversion or Git). * Stable work history and an ability to collaborate effectively. * Page load optimization. * Ability to lead teams and mentor younger developers. * Strong webserver configuration skills.
Nice to have: * Other programming languages such as Java, .NET, PERL, Python, or Ruby. * Unit testing. * SEO concepts. * CMS systems like MovableType, Wordpress. * A/B and Multivariate testing. * Knowledge of consuming and creating Web Services. * Machine learning. * Large*scale systems architecture.
Evolve Media is seeking a Web Designer to work very closely with the Product Management teams to advance the design and implementation of websites, site features and internal products. The ideal candidate is a detail oriented, self-starter with great communication skills, strong creative vision and the ability to thrive in a fast paced environment. The Web Designer reports to the Executive Director, Creative. Design portfolio MUST be submitted to be considered.
Responsibilities * Manage multiple jobs at a time * Manage Designers and direct reports. * Provide Creative Direction and design guidance to team of web designers. * Prioritize tasks and supervise workflow to ensure high quality product is delivered within established deadlines. * Maintain and develop visual standards and documentation. * Participate in the advancement and mentoring of Designers below you. * Work collaboratively with Creative Director, Web Designers, Developers and Product Managers to conceptualize, design, test and implement innovative product solutions. * Lead the advancement and maintenance of Information Architectures, Folder Structures & Naming conventions. * Lead the continued development and maintenance of Asset Management Structures and Practices. * Maintain and update templates for internal and external use. * Participate in the development and maintenance of documentation of Standards & Practices. * Participate and lead in the establishment of schedules, policies, procedures and product plans in conjunction with lateral leadership. * Manage project budgets. * Manage the maintenance of internal and external templates. * Manage the design of comps and final executions for Banner Ads, Websites, Rich Media Executions, editorial, etc. * Lead Design of mockups, functional wireframes and user-experience prototypes to guide development. * Develop basic flash animations. * Prep files for delivery to Creative overseas extensions of our team. * Participate/Lead brainstorms and participate in the development of creative concepts. * Upload and download assets via FTP clients and work within established information architectures. * Keep Creative server synchronized and updated with local workstation. * Oversee the creation of presentation materials * Oversee management of assets * Stay in close communication with Creative Director. * Keep a positive attitude and contribute to a positive department moral.
Qualifications * Strong Design Portfolio * 6-10 years experience in Interactive Media Design * 1-2 years experience as Designer or equivalent experience. * Must demonstrate keen knowledge of workflow, delivery requirements and assets preparation for web development. * Current knowledge of online technology, UI and Web Design Trends. * BS degree in related field * Expert level proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite * Expert level HTML/HTML5/CSS. * Must be proficient with Office Suite * Must be able to build table-less, layout-driven webpages. * Experience with cross-browser and cross-platform testing and quality assurance. * Must have working knowledge of Adobe Flash & Actionscript. * Must have working knowledge of Prototyping Tools (Omnigraffle/Axure) * Knowledge of web design principles, such as user experience, usability, and accessibility. * Must have experience working back and forth with back-end developers * Must have experience in project management. * Must have experience managing direct reports. * Strong understanding of image optimization and web animation. * PHP & Javascript experience is a plus. * After Effects experience is a plus. * Advanced Actionscript knowledge is a plus * AS3 Knowledge is a plus. * Advertising Agency experience is a plus.
Evolve Media is looking for a full stack web developer. Responsibilities: 1. Develop and maintain high visibility, high traffic, and interactive online applications for a premier Rich Media Platform. 2. Responsible for troubleshooting application related issues and ensuring/maintaining high performance and cross-browser compatibility. 3. Responsible for developing and supporting various types of online advertisement units. 4. Building prototypes and proof of concept for internal software research and development efforts. Required Skills: 1. At least three (3) years of experience as a web developer. 2. Strong experience with JavaScript, as well as familiarity with JavaScript frameworks/libraries like Angular JS or BackBone JS. 3. Strong experience with latest techniques for developing cross-browsecross-platform web application using HTML5 and CSS3. 4. Strong object oriented programming experience in PHP. 5. Familiarity with software design patterns like MVC, MVVP, etc. 6. Experience working with PHP frameworks and content management systems like Laravel, CakePHP, WordPress, or Joomla. 7. Must possess excellent problem solving, collaboration, and communication skills. 8. Must be able to work comfortably in a fast-paced environment. Desired Skills: 1. Web design experience in Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, etc. 2. Experience with GIT. 3. Experience using Sass, Compass, Less, RequireJS, etc. 4. Experience with Node.js and build tools like Grunt, Gulp, etc. 5. Experience with Scrum, Lean or Agile product development. 6. Bachelors Degree in Computer Science or related field.
Evolve media is seeking for a RUBY/PHP Developer Description of the Role This developer will start out as a junior member of the team. The intent is to have this individual help triage the ticket queue, respond to basic user requests for assistance, and provide software development assistance. It's important to note that while our systems are all web-based, we need a developer with more of an enterprise software / financial system approach rather than a heavily front-end focused developer. It's also very important that the person who joins our team is a self-starter with the ability to work and learn independently without constant oversight and feedback.
General Skills (in order of preference)
*Fluent English speaker / writer with good end-user communication skills *Customer service skills *Solid working knowledge of spreadsheets and data-manipulation tools / techniques *A talent for troubleshooting, QA, and solving complex problems *Comfortable working with source control systems, preferably git / *Willing, able, and excited to independently learn new technologies and systems *Working in an agile software development environment Technology Skills *General background with the LAMP stack (Linux / Apache / MySQL / [Programming language]) *Functional competence with SQL, writing basic SELECT statement (MySQL flavor preferred) *Programming experience; Ruby preferred or background in other similar languages (Python, PHP, etc.) *Familiarity with an MVC framework (Rails, Laravel, Symphony, Cake, etc.) *Understanding of object-oriented development *Background with HTML, CSS, JavaScript *Familiarity with front-end frameworks, esp. AngularJS or similar (Bower, Gulp, EmberJS, Backbone) *Ability to work from the Linux command line and related tools
Evolve is looking for a web developer Job Description Responsibilities *Engineer solutions to provide improved business value *Be jointly responsible for a complex recommendation engine *Develop new as well as maintain existing functionality and features *Troubleshooting application related issues and insuring/maintaining highest possible application uptime *As a part of a team, responsible for investigating new technologies for better recommendations and matching Required skills *Three years experience as a Web Developer utilizing LAMP platform. *Strong experience developing with Object Oriented PHP. *Strong understanding of and working experience with MySQL 5.x or above. *Working knowledge of Javascript and/or jQuery *Working experience building and maintaining high volume websites *Excellent problem solving, collaboration and communication skills. Desired skills *Experience with Test Driven Development with PHPUnit. *Knowledge of design patterns and algorithms. *Experience with Mahout, Hadoop, search technologies and machine learning *Experience with CSS and HTML5. *Experience with highly performance large-scale web environments is a strong plus. *Experience with Scrum, Lean or Agile product development. *Experience utilizing standards-compliant markup and CSS is a strong plus. *Bachelors or Masters Degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering or a related field.
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2014.05.26 17:02 elMatadero_bot Any ex-pats looking for work? [X-Post de /r/buenosaires]

Our company is looking for native English speakers from the United States, England, Australia, New Zealand, and/or South Africa, who currently reside in Argentina. We seek candidates with tertiary or university education to be part of a new team of employees dedicated to communication media. Candidates must be able to work in a methodological, neat, and responsible manner, and have excellent written communication skills.
CAPTION GROUP ( is an international and leading production company for the following services: closed captioning (CC), audio description (AD), sign language (SL) and electronic subtitling in Spanish. CG is backed by international institutions dedicated to promoting inclusive services for people with hearing and visual impairments. Openings include part-time and full-time positions.
For more information and to apply for a personal interview, send a resume or CV to: [email protected]
La busqueda esta orientada a personas nativas de USA, Inglaterra, Australia, Nueva Zelandia y/o Sudafrica, que residan actualmente en Argentina. Buscamos personas con estudios terciarios y/o universitarios, para formar parte de un nuevo equipo de trabajo relacionado a los medios de comunicacion. Es condicion excluyente que sea metodico, prolijo y responsable con el trabajo. Con un excelente nivel de escritura.
Nuestra empresa ( se dedica a la produccion y edicion de subtitulos, y a la desgrabacion de contenidos para importantes clientes de television e internet en todo el mundo. El trabajo es remunerado con modalidad part time o full time.
Para mas informacion y contacto para entrevista personal, enviar un CV con datos completos a: [email protected]
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2014.05.26 16:06 icalledshotgun Any ex-pats looking for work?

Our company is looking for native English speakers from the United States, England, Australia, New Zealand, and/or South Africa, who currently reside in Argentina. We seek candidates with ­­tertiary or university education to be part of a new team of employees dedicated to communication media. Candidates must be able to work in a methodological, neat, and responsible manner, and have excellent written communication skills.
CAPTION GROUP ( is an international and leading production company for the following services: closed captioning (CC), audio description (AD), sign language (SL) and electronic subtitling in Spanish. CG is backed by international institutions dedicated to promoting inclusive services for people with hearing and visual impairments. Openings include part-time and full-time positions.
For more information and to apply for a personal interview, send a resume or CV to: [email protected]
La búsqueda está orientada a personas nativas de USA, Inglaterra, Australia, Nueva Zelandia y/o Sudáfrica, que residan actualmente en Argentina. Buscamos personas con estudios terciarios y/o universitarios, para formar parte de un nuevo equipo de trabajo relacionado a los medios de comunicación. Es condición excluyente que sea metódico, prolijo y responsable con el trabajo. Con un excelente nivel de escritura.
Nuestra empresa ( se dedica a la producción y edición de subtítulos, y a la desgrabación de contenidos para importantes clientes de televisión e internet en todo el mundo. El trabajo es remunerado con modalidad part time o full time.
Para más información y contacto para entrevista personal, enviar un CV con datos completos a: [email protected]
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