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Thanks /u/kettti, I love this sub

2016.12.16 04:18 Ma_Saan Thanks /u/kettti, I love this sub

I recently moved from Singapore to Hong Kong so that my wife and I could be close to her family here in Hong Kong during the birth of our first child.
Before finding out she was pregnant in January this year, I was on a buying spree, mostly with kettti, as I love all the world silver he has (plus I have a soft heart and liked that my purchases were going to help him with school). I told him a few months ago that I needed to cool down on buying as I have a baby on the way, and he sent this to my son!
He didn't need to do this, but I'm very appreciative and it just goes to show the good nature of this sub.
Merry Christmas everyone, and if you want to expand your collection, keep an eye on kettti , he's a great person as most already know.
The gift included:
1 ASE painted with Singapore image 10 world coins - my next mission is to identify these over Christmas break 1 tiger toy for the boy, I'll wait until he is a little older 1 bag of amazing treats! I've never had them before but as of today they are all gone... hopefully kettti can tell us more about these
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