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2014.02.22 18:20 glglglglgl Movie Screenings and Meet-ups

Figured a thread to allow folk to arrange for opening weekend meetups would be handy, especially where there's a lot of travelling to be done! Maybe it can be stickied?
I won't be adding any backer-only information to this! That should stay on Kickstarter :)
So, the releases:
AUSTRALIA - March 14 (Hoyts, fan screenings)
CANADA - March 14 / March 21(#) (all Cineplex)
GERMANY - March 13 (various, thanks to KeladryofMindelan for compiling the list)
IRELAND - March 14 ([email protected])
MEXICO - March 13 (Cinepremiere, fan screening)
NORWAY - March 14
SWEDEN - March 13
UNITED KINGDOM - March 14 (all Showcase, except Empire (~))
UNITED STATES - March 14 / March 13(#) (all AMC except ~)
OTHER COUNTRIES - to be added as and when information is available
edit: added Australian rumour edit 2: update German release date, add Sweden edit 3: add Australia details, Mexico edit 4: additional Australia edit 5: added Norway and Germany (many many thanks to KeladryofMindelan) edit 6: digital release details
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