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But the most fascinating journey you can have around this site is getting acquainted with people of various interests and nationalities. This Social Network allows you to meet new friends, like-minded persons and experts in different spheres which you can be involved in somehow. ... So, what is myspace? It is a place for you to live a full life ... Join Myspace. Getting in is easy. Use one of your social networks or start fresh with an email address. Already have a Myspace account? Sign in. Facebook. Twitter. Email. Join with your email address. Email. Full Name ? This is how you’ll be known on Myspace. Most people use their real name. All thanks to Tom. From 2005 to 2008, MySpace reigned supreme. MySpace was the most visited social networking site in the world, even surpassing Google in June of 2006 as the most visited website in the United States. At its peak, News Corp purchased MySpace for $580 million. In 2007, MySpace was valued at $12 billion. Help Center. Cancel Search results. Show more Myspace disocver page. ©Myspace The Most Visited Social Network From 2005 to 2008 . Myspace was only launched in 2003. Friendster gave inspiration to the founders of Myspace, and the social network was officially sent live on the web in January of 2004. After its first month online, over one million people had already signed up. Myspace was extremely popular a couple of years ago, however since then, its popularity has declined sharply. The rise of artists taking over myspace propelled users to turn to another social networking site. However, myspace did provide the music service to its users, when it had users. Mercifully, the Myspace of our misspent youth is long gone. But you can still peep all the photos you uploaded to your profile back then. And the photos of your old friends. And family members. Featured Content on Myspace This site does not rank for these popular keywords, but they could if they wanted to. Relevance to this Site. An estimate of how relevant a keyword is to this site. The score is based on the keyword's relevance to other keywords that currently drive traffic to this site. The score ranges from 1 (least relevant) to 100 (most relevant). Search ... It’s now a music-focused site that calls itself “The Best in Music & Culture. All In One Place.” But much like a time capsule, if you dig deep enough on Myspace, you can uncover your old ...

Gina Grad

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Info, media, and discussion about Gina Grad! *Mark in the Morning* co-host on 100.3 The Sound, *Adam Carolla Show* newsgirl, *TYT* Panelist, Political/Pop TV/Radio Host, Voice of Rose in *Street Fighter 4.*

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2012.01.25 02:37 DeadpoolIsMyHomeboy Impractical Jokers: LARRY? LARRY!

The following subreddit contains posts of graphic stupidity among four lifelong friends who compete to embarrass each other.

2020.09.23 04:27 borednightnurse1990 Smile! You’re on camera! 😂

Currently working on a project regarding fellow females asking about whats life like in the military as a female. I plan on it being a series that i would then plug in this page and anywhere people want to see it. To those of you who requested them, please bear with me as i seem to be suffering from an extended period of stupidity writer’s block. In the meantime, enjoy some funny shenanigans.
I mentioned some details about this story in the comments section of a post in militarystories. I sanitized it as best as i can, so sorry for any potential disconnects that may have resulted.
Unknown date, time, and location
Nah. Just fucking with ya. I was in my work breakroom just killing time till i have to go back to work. Part of my job description involves defeating lock mechanisms, rather uhm, explosively. A part of me has always been curious what its like to defeat them like a proper villain.
So i got a set of lockpicks online. Its a small 15?25? piece beginner’s set. I had just gotten past the couple of Master brand locks i owned and was currently working on defeating an Abus brand lock.
It was in this state that my immediate boss found me when he walked in to get some coffee.
Boss: hey. Didnt know you pick locks. Btw, dya have a permit for that?
Me: uhm. No?
Boss: hate to be that guy, but consider this a verbal counselling then. Break in tools are regulated and required to be registered and anyone who wishes to possess them must have training certification and licensed by the (our federal level of government). Failure to do so as a civillian is a criminal offense. Failure to do so as a military member is conduct unbecoming and subject to disciplinary actions. Your disciplinary action today will be this verbal counselling. Understood?
Me: yes sir. I will fix this right away.
Boss: good. Ah. Before you put that away, mind doing me a favour?
Me: huh?
Boss: i just filed some important paperwork with MY boss. He’s already gone on personal leave and i just realized i fucked up some details on a couple of them. (Not a career ender type of fuck up, but definitely resulting in a loss of face for him since he just wasted his boss’ time if he had to redo less than ideal paperwork.)
Boss: think you can use those tools of yours to open his office and get those papers for me?
Me: uhm. I dunno sir. I just got slapped on the dick by my boss for using unlicensed tools.
Boss: do me a solid and ill make it worth your while.
Me: okayyyy. Im trusting you sir.
Deed done. Months passed by, never saw any record of that verbal counselling on my personnel file. I thought that was the solid he promised me. Until one day when he called me to his office.
Boss: here’s some paperwork. These are temporary detachment orders. You’re chopped on detached duty to (Some school. Its the school where our federal and military LEOs take on advanced fieldcraft and investigative training). The current crop of trainees are currently in their field phase. You will sit in with them and train with them, and audit their classes for the remainder of their training. Once done, their instructors will give you certification papers, a locksmith/lockbreaker license, and a permit to possess those handy dandy tools of yours. You wont be able to get the qualification for their actual training course, but youre not a cop anyway so it doesnt matter. Plus, it will raise some eyebrows if i push too hard on sending a (my trade) to cop school. Thats the best i can do for that solid you did for me last time. We even?
Me: fuck yeah. Were good sir. Might even owe you a beer for this.
fast forward to cop school.
I learned more than i bargained for. Oh. My. Gawd. Picking locks is the least of what i expected to learn to do. First off, i was expecting to go there and be a student. I never expected that i was sent to the “advanced” class. Teach the teacher kind of thing. Amongst other things, i also learned how to:
-jump start cars manually like how they do in movies
-high risk search techniques that only super advanced operators in my job are qualified to do
-crack a basic safe
-pick pocketing
-surveillance and counter surveillance techniques, both mounted and dismounted
-in person and online information gathering
-social media sleuthing
-evasive driving maneouvres
-aggressive driving maneouvres
-PIT maneouvres and J turns
-close protection techniques
-how to modify regular clothing and accessories to hide anything you want
But those are boring stuff. I also got the chance to chill and hang out with the cops and coppettes in my “class” after hours. Those guys practiced on each other ruthlessly. There is just no pause button with them. Drills and practice doesnt stop just because class is dismissed. To bring me up to speed and get me involved with their Gladiator-like sparring environment, they taught me everything they have been trained on. It was an intense 5 weeks.
But there’s a kicker. Let’s go back a bit: all the lockpicking and breaking in portion of the course was only taught in a matter of 2 weeks. A paperwork fuck up stated that I was on TDY for 5 weeks. Im guessing the clerks assumed that since i am going to audit a class that has only one 5 week training module left, that i will be attending that entire 5 week’s worth of training, not a sub, sub section of that module. So i have the choice of:
-go back home and enjoy a 2 week paid vacation
-stay and play tourist at (town where cop school is at)
-stay in cop school
With the LOL (Love Of my Life) gone on a joint ex with the Americans, i decided to stay in school once my two weeks was over. I approached my instructors and told them about my remaining 3 weeks. Technically, they no longer own me since they only signed off on having me as a guest for 2 weeks. BUT, my end of the paperwork says that they do. So i asked if i could stay and continue auditing their class. Housing, feeding, training, and being responsible for an extra human in combats for another 3 weeks is a big responsibility so i offered to have my name taken off the berthing and quartering nominal roll and ill just live and eat at the local Officer’s Club. They agreed with a couple conditions:
  1. I can’t mention any of this to anyone, let alone the bean counters.
  2. I have to help them fuck with their trainees’ heads for their field phase.
Okay. That’s all the backstory this post needs, i promise. Youre up to speed now. So, for the next 3 weeks, i was still at the school, attending classes, hanging out with my cop buddies, and picking their brains on everything they learned. Since i was literally the only female in their class, they were also interested in teaching me about female specific fieldcraft that they only learned about in theory.
Flirting. Lots of flirting. Thats what they taught me to do. That’s not a fair description for it, but thats basically what it is. How to exploit your “womanly” advantages and combine it with your basic interrogation skills, and then use it in an “information gathering” context.
For three weeks, i was a wolf amongst wolfdogs. They took me in as one of their own, taught me everything they knew, and trusted me completely, never knowing that every single scrap of knowledge they passed on to me was valuable currency being contributed to the “fuck fuck games with future po-lice trainers fund”.
Every night we would all troop to the local bar and have a few pints, shooting the shit and messing around with each other. Every single one of those nights, i turned the lesbian volume level down to zero, and cranked the little Lolita knob all the way up to bitchin.
Every female i personally know in any combat arms/national defense/intel job has one badass female icon they look up to and fantasize to be. For me, its a combo of ScarJo’s Black Widow and Bridget Fonda’s La Femme Nikita. For 3 weeks, I was La Femme Black Widow.
Every time i step out to go for a drink with the boys, i was always in my “dress to kill” outfits: either little black dresses that’s not too slutty but show just enough skin to get their attention, tight leggings and body hugging tops, and hair always down and flipped or flicked out of my face at strategic times in a sultry manner when im talking to someone.
I have no words to describe its effects on men. Let me clarify something here. While i wouldnt consider myself ugly or even average looking, i wouldnt exactly consider myself a smokeshow babe either. Im just your regular woman. I look good while wearing some stuff, i look average while wearing some others, and i look like a disgraceful abomination to my gender while wearing my regular daily wear. Good Lord. I have a picture of myself on my worst shark week ever, just days after having a new IUD installed, and i look like even Satan would be pushing rope once he saw me.
Anyways, yeah. Alcohol + men + loneliness + isolation from loved ones + foxy lay-deh all equals to stupid, monumental lapses of judgment. While im sure those men have absolutely no intention of cheating on their significant others, or even any ulterior motives on me (they respected me enough and professional enough for that), things definitely got, interesting.
During their final classroom lecture, where they are supposed to be doing the AAR for the class, the instructors called me up front and center.
Instructor: standing in front of you is a person, can anyone here tell me something about her?
Classmate 1: oh, that’s (my rank) u/borednightnurse1990, a (my trade) from (my branch). She’s an honourary member of our course, sent here to join and audit us 5 weeks ago. She’s (my age), married to (my wife), and loves doing (my hobbies).
Instructor: all good observations. Also, wrong. Tell me, what is wrong with your classmate’s observations?
Instructor: here’s what’s wrong: she was only your classmate for the first 2 weeks. For the rest, she was a combatant behind enemy lines. Her enemies are you, you, you, fuck it, all of you are her enemies.
Here, (turns around to the whiteboard) let me show you jackalopes something.
flips white board dramatically
On the whiteboard are several very compromising items on pretty much every single person in our class i had managed to collect.
-pieces of really personal info about every single individual that i social engineered from their relatives and friends as a result of unsecured online footprints
-copies of their really embarassing MySpace profiles. Do you know that MySpace has always defaulted to public profiles because it was created in a day and age when online persec was non existent? And that 9 out of 10 people who created MySpace accounts has already forgotten their log in/pws? Maaaan. The stupid embarassing shit left locked in public view in that site is just amazing. 😂
-a PKI card. I actually felt bad for this one. I was trying to pickpocket a buddy’s wallet from his coat and i panicked so i swiped the first card i could thumb out of it and quickly slipped it back in his coat before he realized. I was expecting an Interac or a credit card and was surprised when i saw a PKI card. He got a for realsies ass chewing on this one.
-and the coup de grace: i was wearing a reaaaaaaalllllyyyy discrete bodycam the whole time i was out with them. Maaaan. The footage is a pure gold mine. I cant get into the specifics of it: but just imagine a bunch of grown men, doing stupid things only a teenager would do, all to somewhat impress a “girl” cheering and egging them on. Okay, here’s one specific thing: i was wearing two cameras all the time at two different strategic locations on my body. There is a sped up montage of all footage i collected, with a counter on the top left of the screen counting how many times my coursemates made direct eye contact with my “cameras”. Ill let you put two and two together. The end part of that 2 minute montage is a video of me mailing CDs to their wives, girlfriends, and mothers. (All pretend of course. Just for shits and giggles) 😂😂😂
Once select video clips were played in class, it was pure pandemonium. Amidst the sound of general laughter from the staff and embarassment from the students, I was pelted with paper balls, boo’ed, and at one time got yelled at for being a “ya stinkin’ traitorous Whore of Babylon!”, to which i replied by curtsying using a single extended middle finger pinching an imaginary skit against my thumb.
Fun times were had and i returned back to my home unit with a whole bunch of new friends and a new arsenal of tools and skills to add to my toolbox as a certified, government trained mischief maker.
I hope my story is as entertaining to you in prose form as it was for me in reality.
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2020.09.22 13:59 sugardatingsites Where Did The Internet Kinky Life Go?

Where Did The Internet Kinky Life Go?
BDSM dating sites - before MSN, Google, and Yahoo - Internet kinky life was simple. There were some discussion lists, the Usenet groups, and the occasional chatroom. Life was simple and easy and a kinky pal was easily found. These days, most people are not so sure. In fact, most have lost their trusted resources and footholds. The question is: now what?
It all started out with Yahoo rounding up the majority of discussion groups and lists, turning them into Yahoo groups. First, Yahoo waded out the vast majority of adult-oriented groups (they had picked up first, for example through acquiring HotLists) without notice. Whatever groups managed to survive have largely deteriorated to spam-nests, especially since the average-not-so-clever spammer started to buy email addresses from harvesters who do little more than providing them with a ton of dead and useless email addresses, including those, meant to be the group moderator addresses provided by Yahoo and Smartgroups.
The next major setback for the adult internet life was MSN. After quite happily allowing everyone to set up an MSN-group, regardless of its nature, MSN - giving in to pressure groups from the USA - suddenly decided that was not a good plan. The United States Bible Belt seems to rule the world and one written complaint from Jane Doe out of Nowhere City, Utah seems to become the standard for what is proper and decent and what is not.
MSN came up with a "solution", the major flop "WorldGroups" that doesn't take off, mainly because it is a poor set up in the first place and secondly people see no reason to fill up Bill Gates' pockets further than they already are. Now MSN has - per Oct. 1rst, 2006 - completely abandoned the chat facility for any MSN group and that is the end of the last of the kinky Mohegans.
So, where do they do?
It is simply absurd to think that approximately one-third of the worlds' population that - according to most polls - is into some form of kinky sex, will let itself regulate by overly puristic companies, providers, action groups, or individuals. Neither will the 8 billion dollar adult Internet industry give up. So yes, like water this enormous stream of potential customers and voters will find its way. If it can't go through the mountain, it will find its way around it.
Blogging, podcasting, and vodcasting certainly is one way to do that. An increasing number of people run their own "newspaper", radio station, or even daily television show on the Internet and these things are extremely popular. A good number among them is adult-oriented.
But these are only minor efforts, compared to profile/dating/exposure sites, such as the 1 million people big MySpace networking site, its competitor Hyves, and a wide variety of regional similar facilities that offer the same, but in the local language. These are places where much of the kinky life really happening. Not to mention their entirely "adult" oriented equivalents.
And another good example is forum sites, most of them being new initiatives that offer both an informational site with lots and lots of pointers and information and a community, that allows for posting, finding friends and lovers, and much more.
So, it is a simple matter of redirecting your adult searching to other places. Where, with a bit of effort, you'll find entire new crowds. With: more fun, more personal control, and less "big brother watching".
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2020.09.22 02:54 crystalbluesaber6669 Stunted but trying to set up the life i wanted as a kid. but its over.

i have been trying to soothe my ptsd by allowing myself to set up the room, tv and laptop rigs the way i would have wanted as a kid or like in college or my twenties. in my childhood home which i was trapped to until my mid twenties, i was not allowed to decorate or furnish it the way i wanted, my parents didn't invest in a lot of furniture for my room i did not have a bedframe and there were marks on the walls from my family's violence. if i tried to cover them with posters or whatnot they got torn down in many rages from my family.

i could never have my room painted the color i wanted, always an ugly pale, washed out powder pink my mom picked, and she decorated it with stuff that scared me so bad as a child i couldn't sleep, she always made me keep victorian dolls in my room facing my bed and i have a huge fear of dolls or dummies but she didn't really care. i couldn't have peopl;e over it was always embarassing and no one wanted to stasy in my room or home. my friends always had nice homes and furniture and stuff id never seen before like home theatres and pools and stuff like that. in college i was still stuck in my familys minimalistic style of living and control and had no idea what to do or how or where to get proper dorm furniture and stuff.

i was also never allowed to have or play video or computer games or stuff like that which always intersted me, so now even if i wanted to play games i have no idea where to start anymore or how to play and the games i have played i am very bad at. ive been slowly putting together the kind of room and stuff i wanted as a kid, even party stuff but now as an older adult with my colorful gadgets and stuff i feel so much more alone than ever.

i go on my nice monitor and attachments to browse the internet and have everything streamlined and organized on apps and browsers i chose which i could never do before, never having things of my own as the youngest, and always having my stuff snooped through. i turn on my things and its everything i wanted before but i'm too late. everyone is gone. i don't know what to do where to go or look. im not a teen or kid in a community anymore, that all got ripped away by my family years ago. i havent had friends for a while and when i did i wasnt allowed to use the internet or go out or do much without my familys scrutiny. i have no friends on social media, no one uses myspace anymore which is the last time i was really active, no one is online AIM anymore, i can't go on old game or virtual chat sites i used to as a little kid, i missed out on years of making friends in gaming communities so i dont even have that, i dont even know how to talk to people anymore. i missed out on my youth and all the stuff people know about now like tiktok, onlyfans, and other stuff peole use to connect casually now. i feel like brendan fraser in that movie where his family goes in a bomb shelter for decades and comes out in the 90's. im completely alone just the way my family wanted.
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2020.09.22 01:59 queenslay2000 Neocities MySpace...?

Hey... Everyone! I’m a fan of MySpace and wanted to rebuild it but on Neocities (Just for fun)
I wanted some feedback back, So maybe try and check out my site? 😅
badliar26 (On MySpace)
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2020.09.19 23:12 asielen Could a decentralized social network work?

I have had this thought in the back of my mind for a few years. Could a decentralized social network work?
How I would see it, there would be a standard agreed upon template and design that individuals could host themselves (like wordpress). Hosting companies could provide simple no code setups (like they already do with wordpress). If you are technical you can modify it how you like, but it would also be ready to go out of the box.
There could be a free centralized service (probably paid for by ads or donations - wikipedia did try to start a social network) for those who don't want to host their own but the option to host your own would give you more control over your data and experience.
There would also be a standard api for connecting your profile to friends or groups of people. And you could still have a feed that periodically calls your connected friends pages for updates.
One challenge would be security, letting people host their own could be a nightmare for malicious data. I am thinking maybe a three fold approach. The centralized service would not allow as much customization so pages hosted there would be secure. Self hosted pages could be validated by the centralized service (run tests against the page) or pages could be marked secure by some sort of network reputation. (enough of your network considers your page safe and has run a validation on your page).
Maybe multiple forms of validation, one for security and another one for usability. I would probably want an option to flag a page as annoying if it became like a myspace page of the past. Doesn't mean it isn't safe, just as a warning to people exploring my network. Maybe instead of a warning, it is something like keyword tags, this person is really into hiking and join a "web-ring" about hiking. This other person is into annoying webpages with instantly playing music, so they get tagged for that.
Social media as it stands today is a mess. But there is still a thread of human connection behind the idea that I think we need to develop. Especially now with most of us seeing each other less and less.
Maybe part of this is nostalgia for geocities and everyone having their own sites. I would love to get back to that but maybe with a little more polish and some api's to connect us all together.
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2020.09.16 05:02 xboxwater any good websites ??????

ive been looking into liek old web-esque websites& social media sites & so far ive found vidlii , myspace windows98 , friendproject, & neocities (ofc))
but i was wondering if anyone knew any more sites to find ???
also i m new to reddit & it wont let me add flair (??????) wha
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2020.09.15 07:13 ObjectiveAttitude8 Sell Your House Fast Using Web 2.0

What is Web 2.0?
Web 2.0, as it applies to us, is a fancy term for this new revolution of social networking sites. There is much more to Web 2.0, but this is basically what we need to know for now to get your home sold fast.
Web 2.0 is cool, in the now, in the new, and will build your business, in your case sell your home, quicker and faster than any other method.
The great news is that these sites are awesome, they are powerful, and best of all - they are free!
Why use Web 2.0 to sell a house?
If you're thinking - 'Why in the world would I use one of these sites to sell my house?' you are not alone. Most sellers today are still using traditional tools to market and sell their home. My real estate trends newsletter said that in 2008, 70-80% of buyers used the internet somewhere in their home-buying process. That's huge!
Imagine how many are using the Internet to buy a home in 2009!!
In this market, you need to be creative and you need to stay ahead of the pack when selling your home.
Using web 2.0 will give you immeasurable edge in your sale and make you look cool to boot!
Buyers will be impressed with your extra effort, and more importantly be drawn to your home even before they have set one foot in it!
How can I use Web 2.0 to sell my house fast?
YouTube hosts videos. All kinds of videos. Videos for everything. Videos from all over the world. You can make a video and post it for free. It will skyrocket your success! Do it now. Use your camcorder. If you are a newbie, try this cool easy-to-use camcorder at
Make a blog for your home and update it with cool updates like 'Extra Incentive - Free Full Year of Maid Service added to buyer of this House!!', or "Wife comes free with house".
I don't know. Be creative. The best sites for a blog are WordPress and Blogger. These too are free. Tell your potential buyers, friends, and realtor about this blog. Have fun with it.
If you haven't watched the news, haven't watched Oprah, or The View, or simply haven't been paying attention, Twitter is the newest and biggest social networking revolution going on right now. Tweet updates to your home and get potential buyers to follow you.
Again, you may have missed this if you have been hiding under a rock, but that is unlikely. Give your home a Facebook page!
MySpace is much like Facebook, though arguably not as popular. Give your home a MySpace page. Give it some cool music. Give it some friends.
Use these Web 2.0 sites. They are all free and relatively easy to use. Post your links in cool ways and give them to potential buyers and/or realtors.
Make sure to keep them updated as needed and take them down when you sell your house.
Adding these features will go a long way to making your house stand heads and shoulders above the rest.
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2020.09.14 16:17 roarjauren In 2011, 13 year old Bung Siriboon, left the house for school, and was never seen again. With little evidence, will we ever know what happened?

On June 2nd 2011, 13 year old Sirayakorn Siriboon, or more commonly known by her nickname ‘Bung’, left the house to walk to school, and was never seen again.
Bung was born on December 30th 1997. She resided in Thailand, in the north eastern province Ubon Ratchathani with her father, mother and her older sister Siriporn, or better known by her nickname ‘Pang’.
Unfortunately, her parents would later divorce, and both daughters would end up living with their mother, Vanidda. The girls did not have a strong relationship with their father after this, as he was largely absent after the split.
In 2004, Vanidda met Fred Pattison, an Australian man who found himself infatuated with Thai culture, and from as early as the mid-1990s, would travel back and forth between Australia and Thailand.
In 2006, Fred moved to Thailand to be closer to Vanidda, or ‘Nid’ as he affectionally called her. His relationship with Bung and Pang flourished, and he was welcomed to the family quite quickly. They called him their father, and he referred to them as his daughters. This same year, Fred and Vid got married and started a business making awnings.
Unfortunately, the business did not thrive as expected, so Fred decided to return to Australia, back to his home state of Victoria, and began working at a Cadbury Factory as a fitter. The rest of his family followed him over to Australia in 2008, when Bung was 10 years old.
Fred and Nid both wanted to give the girls a better life and a good education. The plan was to put them through school, pay off the family’s debts and then return and retire to Thailand.
They moved to the suburb of Boronia, which largely borders Dandenong Ranges National Park, a large forested area spanning 35.4 km². The park is home to crystal clear streams, waterfalls and creeks and has an extensive network of the walking trails.
The suburb itself has a fairly low crime rate, but is plagued by drugs, particularly in the area close to the Boronia Train Station. It is worth noting however, that the train station is right next to a police station. Bung’s family would be residing in Elsie Street, which was less that 1km away from the train station.
About the suburb, her stepfather Fred stated: "I wanted her [Bung] to grow up feeling safe. And there was no reason why she shouldn't feel safe walking to school. There were always lots of people around, particularly in the morning – kids going to school, commuters driving to work. The main bus route is near here, and there are two arterial roads. I certainly never had any concerns."
About Bung
Dyamai Hillard first met Bung when she arrived at Boronia Primary in grade 4. They were seated next to each other. “I really wanted to get to know her, but I think she found me annoying at first! She put a ruler down the middle of the desk so I couldn’t cross over to her side.” However, It wasn’t long before the pair became friends.
Dyamai describes Bung as “a happy person, with a very kind heart and so caring... She could be quite shy with new people, but once she got to know them, she was very outgoing. She was always ready to talk to people and try new things. She was just so easy to be around.”
They both went to the same high school, Boronia Heights College, which was about a 10 minute walk from Bung’s home. They would meet at a little park on the way to school, and they would walk home together. On the weekends, they did odd jobs together, such as gardening, and then spent their money on McDonald’s. Bung always had an ice cream sundae.
Academically, Bung excelled at mathematics, but had a passion for dancing, singing and drama. She particularly enjoyed K-pop and Justin Bieber. At the time of her disappearance, her and Dyamai were rehearsing for the Rock Eisteddfod schools competition, where Bung was organizing the choreography to their performance.
Bung was known to be an excellent student, quite reserved, but always polite. She was hardly ever absent. While attending Boronia Heights College, Bung’s friendship ground expanded, and she became quite close to Layla Preston. Preston would later state: “She loved school, and being at school with her friends.”
Bung particularly liked going to the beach, where they would sometimes visit Fred’s mother in Portarlington, near Queenscliff. Bung liked playing in the sand and swimming in the waves. But like a lot of children her age, she spent a lot of time in her bedroom.
She liked drawing, and had several Facebook accounts. She reportedly did not have a boyfriend, and while she was very sociable, she preferred not to spend the night at friends’ houses. Dyamai, who had spent a lot of time at the family’s house, remembered the family being just like any other.
“She loved her sister, and she loved her parents. She fought with her mum sometimes, but just over the normal teenage stuff, like not wanting to clean up the dishes.”
After her disappearance, Fred was adamant she would not run away.
“I wouldn’t call her streetwise, but she was an older soul. She was one of the good kids. She was not a terrible teenager. She wasn’t one of those that was not coming home or not ringing up or running away.”
Thursday the 2nd of June, 2011 started like any other day. Bung, after a breakfast of egg rice soup, left the Elsie Street property at around 8.30AM. Fred, who had just finished a night shift at a local factory, was in the backroom. Bung called out a goodbye, before heading off to school.
A neighbour caught sight of her as she headed east, wearing her school uniform and blue raincoat. Elsie Street leads onto Albert Avenue, which is a congested main road that Bung would cross every morning, before turning left into Harcourt Road. Further along Harcourt Road is the left turn into Monroe Street, a cul-de-sac which led to the back gate of the high school. It is worth mentioning that in 2014, Boronia Heights College moved to the primary school site; the amalgamated school is called Boronia K-12 College.
Bung was reported to be seen in Harcourt Road, at approximately 8.55AM, less that 130 metres from the school gate. This sighting however, has never been confirmed. The school did not contact her parents, just assuming that Bung was sick, as she was rarely absent. At the same time, her parents had no reason to think she hadn’t made it to school that morning.
However, when Bung hadn’t arrived home at 3.40PM, her mother wondered aloud where she might have been. At that moment, the phone rang. Fred answered, and Dyamai had called to remind Bung that they were going to be playing football the next day. Fred questioned why Dyamai did not tell her this at school, and Dyamai replied that Bung was not at school that day.
“And that’s when panic set in. I was like, ‘What do you mean, she wasn’t at school today?’”
Nid and Fred drove over to Boronia Heights College, where it was confirmed by the school principal that Bung was indeed absent that day. They proceeded to search the campus, but were unable to find Bung. By 4.20PM, they were at Knox Police Station, alerting police that their daughter was missing.
Officers urged them to speak with family and friends and try to contact anyone that might know where Bung is. Later, Fred and Nid went to Dyamai’s house, and asked her to help them contact Bung’s friends.
Bung had left her phone at home that day, which was not an unusual occurrence for her. It had also been raining earlier that morning, and Dyamai’s mother gave her a lift to school. They paused at the little park where her and Bung would meet, but Bung wasn’t there.
The Initial Search
Fred and Nid called or visited every single one of Bung’s friends, but no one had seen her. Others in the school community aided, and were calling around too. After a sleepless night, Bung’s parents returned to Knox Police Station, and they began scouring the area.
They walked through the streets, knocked on doors, searched shops, parks and vacant blocks. They made and distributed posters, taping them to lampposts, bus stops and in the local mall. The local news had picked up the story, and the public became aware of the missing 13 year old.
“Friends and workmates were dropping in and organizing search parties, and people were setting up Facebook pages and bringing us food. There were TV cameras everywhere, and reporters sitting out front and chasing you down the street.”
Focus turned to the family, with police and investigators asking her friends and family about the lead up to the disappearance, and questioning if Bung’s demeanor had changed in the last few days. All came back with the same story, that she had been happy and relatively normal, and that no incidents had occurred that would have upset her.
Tips began pouring in, and her social media pages, which are reported to include three Facebook pages and a Myspace account, were investigated thoroughly, but nothing strange was found. This discouraged the theory that she was targeted by an online predator.
Police combed through local CCTV footage, primarily from train stations and shopping centres. They knocked on hundreds of homes, and questioned known sex offenders living locally. They even checked a local brothel, after a tip that a young Asian girl had been seen in one. Reportedly, they followed up on more than a thousand tips from the general public.
Bung’s stepfather Fred has openly admitted that at the time of her disappearance, he was a suspect.
“The father’s always the first suspect. They searched me, searched the house, all the cupboards, the roof. They even searched under the house because somebody said I’d been digging. I was under investigation for a long time. People were saying, ‘Oh, it’s got to be him.’ It didn’t worry me. I've got nothing to hide.”
Investigators also reached out to her birth father and other family in Thailand, but reached a dead end. The major theory surrounding this case, that she had been abducted by chance, potentially forced into a vehicle, with no witnesses.
On July 7th, 2011, just over a month after the disappearance, Bung’s mother returned to Thailand, a trip that had been planned more than a year in advance.
"She needs a break. We had plans to go to Thailand. Life can't stop. Stuff gets out of hand and it gets messier. We have a house over there and land interests and family.”
Her sister, Pang, stayed in Australia with her stepfather.
The Investigation
With very little leads to follow, police began conducting searches of the local parklands, including the forested and mountainous areas, which included Dandenong Ranges National Park, as well as Doongalla Forest. The SES (State Emergency Service) conducted a search for Bung, almost 3 weeks after her disappearance.
On June 21st, a 16 year old girl alerted police of an abduction attempt, where she says a man grabbed her from behind after she refused to get into his car. The girl was able to flee, and hide in bushes until the man gave up and drove away. While police could not surely say that this is directly connected to Bung’s disappearance, it is vital to mention this happened less from 7km from where Bung was last seen. The man was said to have been driving an early model light blue sedan, is described as being of Southern European descent, and estimated to be between 50 and 60 years old.
Almost a week later, on June 29th, an eleven year old girl of Asian descent came forward and told police she had escaped an abduction attempt. She reported that a man in a surgical mask had tried to snatch her from the street while she was walking to school, only a few blocks from where Bung went missing.
Police thought the two cases could be possibly linked, and the story gave the family hope that they would find out what happened to Bung. The police put resources into the claim, distributing a police sketch of the suspect. However, about a week later, the girl admitted that she had made up the story, confessing to her family and subsequently law enforcement that the story was untrue.
On November 1st 2011, Victoria Police announced the formation of Taskforce Puma to investigate Bung’s disappearance.
In December 2013, more than 2 years after her disappearance, a man came forward and claimed to have hit and killed Bung with his car, where he panicked and proceeded to bury her body in a local reserve. After an extensive search, the police found nothing, and released the man after extensive questioning, saying that parts of his story didn’t add up.
In February 2014, police offered a $1 million reward for information on the cold case, leading to a conviction. On the 3rd anniversary of the case, Detective Inspector John Potter released new information to the public about the possible sighting of Bung. There was a sighting of a young Asian teenager in the back of a station wagon on Boronia Road, the morning Bung went missing. The girl was reportedly wearing a light, collared shirt and a dark-blue V-neck jumper.
Police said they can not confirm whether or not the girl was Bung, but were urging to hear from anyone who may have seen the car. They believe the white Ford Falcon station wagon was being driven by a man in his late 50s or early 60s with a combed-back rock-and-roll hair style and a tattooed arm. The station wagon is said to be a 1988-1996 model.
On the fifth anniversary of the case, Victoria Police released new information to the public about another possible sighting of Bung on the day she went missing. The new information reported that an Asian girl was seen sitting in the front seat of a white station wagon in Rowville. The car was described as a white station wagon, similar to a 1971-1973 Holden HQ Kingswood with the rear seats folded down. It was reportedly being driven by a Caucasian man, in his late 30s to early 40s, with a large tattoo on the left side of his neck and sleeve tattoos on both his arms.
The $1 million dollar reward still stands in Australia, which police hope will entice someone to come forward. Bung’s mother returned home to Thailand, citing that she found it too painful to stay in Australia.
Vanidda and Fred are still married, both flying to and from Thailand and Australia to see each other. Vanidda tends to come back to Australia for holidays and events. Pang, Bung’s sister, is still living in Australia, having graduated from Swinburne University in 2016.
If you have any information on the disappearance of Bung Siriboon, please contact Crime Stoppers at
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2020.09.14 00:26 M4ntr0x Looking for a Hip Hop track for 12 years with no luck.

A long long long time ago i was perusing some daily motion videos, and i found a remix of "Poppa Large" by the Ultra Magnetic MC's.
It was great, and i instantly got hooked on it. After some months, the video was pulled, and i haven't been able to find it ever again.
Having searched for it so much over the years, i still have a strong recollection of how it sounded, and it was very distinct from every other remix i have heard of that song.
To keep it short, it was the vocals to Poppa Large, with an instrumental made from old arcade game sound effects, from the 80's. The beat had an acid like synth line, and the arcade sounds came on after each verse.
So, what's the catch?
Well, since i'm having such a hard time finding this track, it makes me believe it's probably a bootleg made by somebody.
The only additional piece of info i have, which i vaguely recall, is that the video (which was just the original Poppa large video with the beat swapped) had a link to a myspace profile of a Japanese DJ. I don't recall his name.
That's it, it's all i have.
I have searched for this song all over the web with no luck.
I tried:
- All of the youtube results for Poppa Large.
- All of the Daily Motion results for Poppa Large.
- I searched soundcloud.
- I searched myspace, ugh...
- I searched the internet archives of all the previously mentioned sites.
- I even went as further as installing limewire and looking for every song with the title in it.
Does Reddit have the power to help me unearth this gem?
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2020.09.12 00:32 mythofsynthophus2 The Social Dilemma

Did anyone watch this new The Social Dilemma documentary on netflix?
I think it really blew me away cause I already knew this stuff a few years ago yet I still am addicted to reddit, my phone, refreshing my newsfeed, etc. And I found it interesting because when stuff like youtube, myspace or facebook came out, it seemed harmless. Social media was just connecting with others, etc. Even google seemed harmless. As a young teen when I started using these programs i didn't think of data privacy or anything. It's just depressing seeing what's happened in the world and our personal lives that has been impacted by these technologies. I think that's why i'm so nostalgic recently for childhood cause the world seems bleak, and to be honest even before corona I was starting to feel alienated from tech and how our data is mined from it for profit.
I had a reddit account about 6 years ago but then quit a few years later and took a break from this site. Then once I deleted my facebook, I started lurking here more and then I end up creating an account. It's like i traded one dopamine source for another. I know i'm just ranting but it's interesting since most millennials (and zillennials) grew up before internet was common or when it was in its early popular stages with dial-up. Isn't it weird thinking back to a few decades ago when things were different? Tech has done wonderful things for as well, but I think everyone needs to be aware of how it's being used in its malicious ways and how it affects us as a species.
Could be riding off the high of the documentary but it seems concerning especially for millennials who have kids or those like me that are planning to have them one day
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2020.09.11 22:15 kuwaitflourmills96 Global Online People Search - A Simple Guide

Global Online People Search - A Simple Guide
Have you ever been scared about seeking after a worldwide people search over the globe? Do you locate that unfamiliar non-English sites are both baffling and confounding? Do you consider it to be a difficulty on the most proficient method to continue with looking for somebody abroad? All things considered, with the privilege online individuals search instruments, discovering individuals globally has gotten more direct and the data simpler to acquire. Discovering individuals through interpersonal organizations is another mainstream search technique. Long range interpersonal communication is turning into a worldwide marvel and is quick arriving at each side of the globe.

The main confusion is, obviously, unquestionably the way that non-English talking nations compose their sites in their own language. Be that as it may, pretty much every nation has neighborhood white pages and additionally nearby business directory and gives these neighborhood catalogs on the web. A basic instrument will enable the client to peruse any site paying little mind to the language hindrance. This essential instrument which helps with understanding the language is the Language Translation Tool by Google. The apparatus is totally free and will assist you with conquering the language boundary. Basically pick your preferred language blend language and the composed language of the site to be deciphered. Click this people finder

A significant number of the global individuals search instruments accessible online are like the USA search apparatuses. A few nations need extra data other than the essential information expected to play out a moment people search in the USA. The worldwide individuals search apparatuses incorporate; search by last name and first name, search by last name and city, search by turn around telephone number, and, obviously, search by interpersonal organization.

Global People Search:

Search by Last Name and First Name;

Global quests are comparable in that you have to gracefully the people current last name. Notwithstanding, huge numbers of the different nation telephone directories necessitate that you likewise enter a first name and city or area. A few nations list more than one telephone directory and this can be useful on the off chance that you have to check different assets. The language interpretation instrument will help if an interpretation is required.

Search by Social Network;

With the progressive formation of individual online networks inside every nation, the sharing of this online data has given an extraordinary stage to showing individual information. This new hunt strategy is called interpersonal interaction. Numerous nations have made interesting on the web social networks where clients can access and quest for people. Consistently there are an ever increasing number of new informal organizations for every nation springing up wherever on the Internet. In spite of the fact that the consolidated data assembled by numerous individuals of the interpersonal organizations have not arrived at the capacities of conventional online individuals search, there are numerous advantages in their joined assembling of information sources. The information sources can incorporate a mix of the individual nation news stories, open data assembled from the Internet, and from the more famous interpersonal organizations, for example, Facebook, MySpace and another informal organization ISearch. Online Phone Book indexes are incredible assets in finding the best informal communities for directing your global individuals search.

Global Reverse Phone Number;

Search by global converse telephone number is another worldwide inquiry instrument to find careful city or region area. The nation information included with this instrument will give you the nation, city, map area, and the neighborhood time region. Essentially enter the telephone number in the right International organization and hit search. Note that the nation code should be remembered for the global converse telephone number.

Global Reverse Cell Phone Number;

Cell phone numbers can likewise be looked through utilizing the global converse telephone number device. Be that as it may, switch cell numbers won't generally give precise city area yet will give the nation name, nation map area and the nearby time region. There is a ton of incredible nation telephone data that you can access by investigating any world phone number.

Instances of Correct International Reverse Phone Formats;

There are 24 nations part of the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) and offer the Country Code "1".

US and Canada are NANP Countries. The NANP Countries incorporate; American Samoa, Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Canada, Cayman Islands, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Grenada and Carriacou, Guam, Jamaica, Montserrat, Northern Marianas, Puerto Rico, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago, Turks and Caicos, US Virgin Islands, and the United States.
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2020.09.11 10:16 pendecor Pendecor - Thiết Kế Shop Chuyên Nghiệp

Pendecor là đơn vị chuyên thiết kế & thi công nội thất các công trình Shop, Showroom, Spa, Nhà hàng, Cafe... hàng đầu Việt Nam hiện nay.
Chúng tôi tự hào với những lợi thế riêng của mình sẽ khiến khách hàng tự tin quyết định lựa chọn chúng tôi trở thành đơn vị thiết kế & Thi công đầu tiên:
1. Trọn gói
Là đơn vị cung cấp đầy đủ trọn gói các sản phẩm và dịch vụ, từ tư vấn thiết kế thi công cho đến cải tạo phần thô.
2. Chuyên nghiệp
Quy trình làm việc rõ ràng và chặt chẽ, đảm bảo tính thống nhất liền mạch trong công việc
3. Có tâm với nghề
Đội ngũ thiết kế thi công và quản lý giàu kinh nghiệm, làm việc dựa trên cái tâm, nhiệt huyết, trách nhiệm cao.
4. Bảo hành nhanh chóng
Chính sách bảo hành & bảo trì lên đến 01 năm cho một số hạng mục sản phẩm.
5. Tư vấn miễn phí
Tư vấn miễn phí, hoàn lại toàn bộ phí thiết kế khi ký kết Hợp đồng Thi công.
6. Chi phí đầu tư hợp lý
Chúng tôi có xưởng sản xuất riêng, do đó giá cả sẽ cạnh tranh hơn, chất lượng sản phẩm cũng được quản lý nghiêm ngặt và đảm bảo tiến độ thi công.
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2020.09.10 15:39 spphrhope721 Alot of this millennial/zillennial/gen z generation debate comes off as trying to fit in instead of having a fair analysis

Take zillennials for example:
*zillennials can remember britney spears still in her prime in the early 00's.
*We remember dial-up being a common thing in society.
*Saw the dawn of social media sites like Myspace and Facebook.
These are some key/unique factors that zillennials carry in their lives. If your younger and can relate cool but if people feel excluded...please just state your reasons why instead of being upset, this sub is for open FAIR discussions not something to one up someone. Same goes for unique factors with only early z and so on...
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2020.09.07 22:34 REAminul Web Best Practices Marketing

Web Best Practices Marketing
Doctors and clinical experts need to zero in on utilizing web based advertising to help reliably draw in more customers alongside accomplishing wanted objectives. In this 21st Century where web has become an omnipresent scene of exploration and data, drafting it in a compelling doctor promoting plan is even more compulsory at this point. Web advertising is noteworthy for the individuals who need to keep their current customers and at the same time fabricate a solid patient base. The most ideal approach to exploit this possibility is to have an online nearness.

All things considered how to manufacture an online nearness? Usage of various roads is the main way. The web is the absolute most savvy strategy for showcasing for specialists, whenever done in the correct sense and way. Various approaches to advertise through the web incorporate building up a site, website streamlining, using online media stages, blogging, etc. Shockingly, numerous medical care experts under-use the significance of web. In the serious period, numerous clinical practices despite everything don't have a site. Their training makes certain to follow just a single bearing downwards. Be that as it may, with this article, we center around a portion of the advantages you will get when web turns out to be important for your showcasing plan.

  1. Make a site for your training. Show data about the administrations, offices, your aptitude, advancement cases and significantly more. Additionally give every minute of every day client assistance. Its best to have an expert website specialist take the front seat. Information and experience of experts will guarantee your site hangs out in the opposition. Besides, give most extreme inclination to the substance of the site. Keep in mind: the language and the method of passing on data assumes vital part in expanding web traffic. When photographs of patients is an extra preferred position. Go here praxismarketing

  1. Web optimization is very famous now and clinical experts are beginning to comprehend its worth. Simply having a site won't do any great to your training. Neither will it give you the ideal outcomes. Employing the administrations of SEO experts is the main alternative you have. Imminent patients look for clinical sites relating to specific catchphrases. Your site is downright a mistake, on the off chance that it isn't obvious on those watchwords. That is the place Search Engine Optimization comes in. With stunts and changes, SEO experts roll out the necessary improvements to the site.

  1. The web includes a few fields where doctor work on promoting can be of a favorable position. For example, YouTube is not, at this point a spot to watch recordings in particular. It has become an open door for specialists to advertise their practices. Short, expertly delivered, great recordings itemizing the administrations and strategies of your training is only one method of making solid online nearness.

  1. Web-based media stages are a wrath nowadays. Preferences of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and MySpace have taken the world by spike. A functioning profile on these online media sites is another case of how you can arrive at a larger part of current and expected patients. Keeping the profile refreshed with new substance, pictures and recordings goes far in holding the patients.

  1. Another way is doing the rounds these days-Pinterest. All the more thus, on the grounds that there are some exceptional thoughts identified with Pinterest that can help a huge number of medical care experts add flavor to their internet promoting endeavors. Pinterest claims customers through visuals. As a doctor, you can utilize Pinterest to show a wide assortment of substance and to acquire customers' input.

It is imperative to acknowledge how web can change the essence of your training contrarily and emphatically. The sooner you exploit, the better the possibilities. Individuals are web canny now and you need to adjust to that.
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2020.09.01 08:17 zapperwippersnapper Ok It's Time for my...Annual *Pre-Burning Man Rant and Predictions!!

Ok It's Time for my . . . Annual Pre-Burning Man Rant and Predictions!!!
After 22+ years of attendance, I have watched this festival go from what was described by Wired Magazine in 1997 as, "what the internet would be like if it was happening in reality" to 2020 where, "What? In reality, this festival is happening on the internet" ?!? What a serious head fuck . . .
So strap in or strap on and get ready for disappointment . . . like virtually everything in this virtual world right now.
Here goes this year's Virtual Rant!
The Virtual Burn is going the be everything you think it could be . . . an underwhelming and depressing reminder that you are not going the real Burning Man this year.
While it is still better than nothing, nothing is an extremely low bar. Get ready for a clusterfuck of 8 separately-produced interpretive video game dreamscapes, made by skilled teams of programmers eager to prove that their world-building technology will be able to make future financial investors a shitload of money.
Burning Man 2021 is a 50/50 chance at best. 2022 is not looking that great either. Between The Org burning cash on side projects, the FEDs wanting to crack down hard and the Bureau of Land Management clearly pretty fucking stoked that they did not have to deal with the whole shitshow this year, it's going to be an uphill battle for the festival to return.
Huge changes will need to be made.
Those few gluttons for punishment who do decide to go to the playa this week will be treated to Burning Man without the Burning Man Experience.
It will take all the hard work, organization and preparation for survival in the middle of a harsh desert environment for a week of Burning Man . . . just without the Burning Man.
If there is one silver lining of the event not happening this year, it's the fact that I don't have to pack up my dust covered Burning Man bullshit from last year, drive 19 hours, then have to smuggle drugs inside my ass to make it past the BLM rangers just go camping in one of the most fucking miserable and inhospitable places on earth.
Without Shirtcockers, Megaphones and Massive Thumping Soundsystems, it's just a bogus camping trip in bad weather with a shitload of cops.
This year we will NOT be seeing the usual post-Burn MASSSIVE FLOOD of social media posts from Burners who lost their nice $60 water bottle/container somewhere on the playa, often accompanied by a story of why this particular water container was of importance because it has a strap on it, followed by a brief description of unique camps stickers on it and a photo of said missing water bottle/container. In fact, while we are starting to think about cutting costs -- How about lost and found stops giving a fuck about your overpriced water bottle. You lost it, Becky . . . let it go. You spent 20 times More Money on Cocaine for the week than the price of your fucking stoopid-Smart-Bottle-container.
This year’s Virtual Burn brings about more questions than it does answers.
How will Shirtcockers express their hatred of pants without a Burning Man? In a virtual world, they become no different than unsolicited dick pics.
How will Artcar Owners be able to swing their metaphorical dicks around without their Artcars booming Deep House music to show the world their girth. Sure, you can build one in the Minecraft world for this years Burn . . .But lets face it: No one is gonna be like "Who did that 3D CAD drawing, I totally wanna fuck them!"
What will all the Assholes with Megaphones do without Burners to heckle?
Without handheld amplified audio devices and wide-open spaces, they become no different than Internet Trolls.
How will Hippies on a Vision Quest be able find their spirit animal online? Without a guided shamanic ritual and Temple to burn, they become no different than someone playing Animal Crossing.
If there is no moop or trash to clean up in a virtual Burning Man how can Moop-shamers be able to prove to campmates and others that they are better at "doing Burning Man " than everyone else? In a virtual world they become no different than a Sarah McLaughlin Green Peace commercial.
How will Dooshbonnets and Dooshbags be able to gain followers on Instagram without the giant Robot Heart to climb?
How can they show the world that they not only have braved the pool of Piranhas chomping for position for line, negotiated past the all-seeing and all-knowing doorgirl with a clipboard, proving that they have climbed both the social and physical ladder to reach the top of the Robot Heart, so that they may look down upon the lowly dancefloor with both spite and pity for the unwashed masses who where not able achieve such greatness.
Without this accomplishment, they become no different than average Twitter users vying for Celebrity attention.
How will Burning Man DJs be able to disappoint us with poorly executed timing and bullshit Michael Jackson remixes? Without huge Soundsystems to bang out the worst in modern electronic music, DJs just become . . . The SAME TERRIBLE DJs just now on Twitch! #playatech #Djstreaming #Djsofburningman
Although each Virtual World must have been an amazing feat of programming in its scope and size, it kinda feels like a huge project that was done in a short amount of time. None of the Eight Worlds, in any way, reflect the typical Burning Man experience.
However, there are a few non-official super realistic Burning Man simulators out there.
By far the most realistic experience has to be the "Getting Out More This Year" Simulator.
The player is welcomed to a rich and tangible 3D World of Chris's DopeAss 70s RV, which is camped way out on 4:30 and H, where your avatar can spend all day and all night doing fun things like Ketamine, or other colorful interactive game play such as snorting Ketamine, and even interact with the virtual Chris’s chat box and watch his avatar do Ketamine.
Other game play options include doing Ketamine, talking about doing Ketamine and also doing Ketamine.
The more days and nights spent doing Ketamine, the higher the score! If you want to experience what a typical Burner really does the whole week, than this one is for you!!
Then we have: "Let's Go Party" . . . the online multi-player game where the objective is to get your group of more than 6 Burners to try and leave camp, and all go out to party together.
I did not have much fun playing. I was never able to leave the front of camp. 14 hours of game play later, Brenda still needs to go back for chapstick and Ricky can’t find his bag of blow. Then once Brenda arrives ready, Kaleporia is cold and needs a scarf. Darkwad David is going back to get some blinky lights for the 3rd time. Now Timmy can't find his cigarettes . . . Fuck.
“ManBun Boyfriend”. In this first person POV game, you (the ManBun) has little to no control within the game, with only a single "Ok, Sure" button to navigate within the world. The game play opens as the player is dragged out of bed at 6 AM by the onscreen girlfriend who takes you (the ManBun) on an treacherous journey of sunrise yoga classes, self help lectures, think and grow rich seminars, yoga, positive affirmation workshops, mindful guided mediations, yoga, healing arts ceremonies, wellness and well-being talks, yoga, vegan lifestyle in the new age conferences, yoga, mindful-and-wellness-group-chat and also yoga.
Extra points if you can score a selfie in front of the Giant BELIEVE letters!!
After 8 grueling hours of game play, it simply flashes a screen where girlfriend says "I'm Tired", and the “ManBun Boyfriend” simulator then restarts game play to opening sequence.
“DJs Girlfriend”. This simulation offers a similar experience to “ManBun Boyfriend”. However, in this first person POV game, you (the DJs Girlfriend) is invited to Follow "Dj GlockTrigger" on a dubstep-and-monster-energy-drink-filled adventure as you (the DJs Girlfriend) is rushed from empty dancefloor to empty dancefloor, while picking up extra points if you can find him a "line of blow". After 12 hours of game play the screen flashes "Hey babe I'm gonna go drink with the boyies" and game play is reset.
I am not that great at finance. Obviously. I’ve been to Burning Man 22 times. That should tell you enough about my poor financial / life choices.
But even this burnout Burner can do the math and see that the Burning Man Org is in financial trouble.
Burning Man may need to sell out to save itself. It would not be the first time..
Burning Man "sold out" to the PsyTrance community in 1997. To help ticket sales, the Bay Area was flooded with seriously lame underproduced Rave flyers. Or maybe Dr. Dre can toss in a few million to keep The Org afloat once again.
Or hey why don't we start tickling Elon Musk's balls again, and see if we can start choking on his shaft in return for some sweet corporate demon semen sponsorship.
The Org has already gone pinky finger deep with him. Like when Tesla brought out a full-on Electric Car Expo. That's right, in 2007, at Burning Man, right at fucking Esplanade & 9:00, they had what can only be described as an “anonymous car dealership” from “the green future”, complete with lengthy-worded displays filled with lofty promises of clean energy, infused with subtle corporate propaganda.
In the center of the exhibit sat a life-size solid black plastic model Tesla car.
As well as someone on guard 24/7 to make sure no one tagged or fucked with the stoopid thing. I personally got chased out for drawing a dick in the DUST on the window! All I know is they should have burnt it down or blew it up by the end of the week, but that lame ass mother fucker was still there on Sunday when I journeyed back to draw a dick on it again -- this time with a PAINT PEN. After executing a perfect fat-sacked-choad-headed-donger on the hood, I was once again chased out by rangers, this time with pitchforks screaming bloody murder for my head!!
Fuck you, Ranger Doug! You will never be able to prove that was Me!!!
So Look, it's not the first time The Org spread its asscheeks for a little bit of corporate dick on the side. They also bent over back in 2013 and let Mark Fucking Zuckerberg bring a Giant Golden 'LIKE' sculpture out there. I just hope they did the right thing by the end of week and it was killed with fire.
SO we know The Org is corporateBiCurious. Time to snuggle up, get out of the corporate cocksucking closet and cash in on the fact that this place sold out a long time ago.
Start flirting with attractive corporate entities like Mark Z, the Google Boys, Elon, Tommy Boy from Myspace, or maybe even P-Diddy to toss in some cash to get this fucking party started again!
Yo, Elon! How can we have Burning Man on Mars in 2050 as planned, if we can’t keep it going on Earth for the next 30 years?
At this point, The Org can spread their legs in the backseat of that Tesla and change next years theme to Space-X. I could give a FUCK!!!!! As long as we can keep Old Naked Dudes On Bikes rolling free.
Let some of these cocksucking limpdick corporations like Doritos -- who have already profited from using our Artcars and culture in a their fabricated commercials -- actually fucking pay us money and we will let them shoot a real commercial out there. Have fun pixelating the nipples out of the background actors. I COULD GIVE A FUCK as long as Shirtcockers have a natural habitat to dongslap and roam free. Let build the Temple! I sincerely really don't care what they do . . . as long as Assholes with Megaphones have wide open spaces to heckle Burners in the Black Rock Desert like GOD intended.
Maybe The Org will stop fisting themselves in the burnhole with all the Cultural-Direction-Bullshit and get down to brass tax here.
They have spent years trying to market the festival as a family-friendly-non-offensive-all-inclusive-experience for the suburban upperclass while still catering to the super elite.
We need The Org to provide the DPW and Tickets . . .
Not for Cultural Direction, or Large Scale Art Funding Circle Jerks, Abstract Charity Causes, International Involvement, or any of the Meaningless Feel-Good Propaganda tools they use to control the image of the festival!
The number one focus from here on out needs to be the festival itself taking place once again in Black Rock City!
This defacto-defunding of The Org is a blessing. Look, when it comes down to it, it's not about the lame fucking themes each year. It's about the Burners who come and contribute to the festival that makes it special.
It’s not about overpriced art grants, or Rich-Dick Theme Camp placement priorities. It about the shitty unofficial un-themed camp at 7:00 and J blaring Discotrance music on a distorted soundsystem while giving away room temperature margaritas!
I could give a fuck about all of the elaborate expensive blinking bullshit! Cuts cost! Make the Burning Man effigy from toothpicks for all I give a fuck. None of that shit really matters. The spirit of Burning Man is in the person giving away ice cream from a cooler out in deep playa on a hot afternoon.
The soul of the festival is in Old Naked Dudes on a Bikes rolling free across the desert!
The heart of the festival is the Nightmare Hippy Chick on Acid rolling around in the dust, screaming about her spirit vegetable.
Believe me if The Org had its way, Burning Man would be nothing but Transformational Mediation Seminars, Yoga Classes, Ultra Overpriced Sculptures, and TED talks about how to get rich quick selling a new type of investment portfolio.
I am perfectly happy with the crappy bars and half-assed theme camps that are there just to have a good time. We don't need The Org's unique brand of new age capital-elitism bullshit.
They have clearly dropped the ball on the Cultural Direction for years, and the less they steer the ship, the better, cuz we have already washed up on the rocks.
“Top 10 Burning Man Pictures You Must See To Believe!”
And once clicked, sure enough it’s nothing but a bunch of super basic-ass photos of some super-hot-Coachella-swinger-couple at sunset in front of the most gentrified “OMG I need to get a selfie in front that to show my followers on Instagram” artwork on the playa.
You already know exactly where these fucksticks took the stoopid photo is front of, OF fucking course it's in front of the BELIEVE letters. It’s Basically the "live, laugh, love" of playa art.
Really, I won't believe this ?!
What I won't believe is that their relationship is going to last beyond next week . . . cuz there’s a 90% chance they are gonna join the wrong gangbang at the Orgy Dome and suddenly someone is not happy about the amount of buttfucking the other one received.
Thanks Business Insider Magazine for exposing the public to the wild and crazy world that is Burning Man. Now every fucking Chad and Becky from Wall Street is trying to come here to get laid. "Bro if I was there I would bang so many Hot Chicks on top of those letters" . . . "OMG I LOVE those Letters!! We are SOOO going to Burning Man to meet our future husbands <3."
How about 10 REAL photos you won’t believe?
Too bad the cameras weren’t there to snap a picture of the guy who took a shower with a fat chick and midget porn star!
It’s a shame no one from the Daily Mail UK was there to catch video of the guy who was tripping his nuts off and could not figure out how to unlock the door of the porta-potty -- escaping only by busting through the plastic roof and climbing out the top several hours later.
Or how about that chick at the meditation camp that was able to summon a higher power of consciousness and transcended the spacetime continuum for a short/infinite amount of time!
Where the fuck was to catch a photo of the person who was hit with a rubber dildo when it was carelessly thrown from the top of the Space Pirate ship into the Mayan Warrior crowd.
Now That’s some real stuff that happens out there that I would be happy to clickbait on!
The Large Scale Art:
Instead of funding massive installations that end up being resold to casinos on the Las Vegas strip, why not treat them like large Rich-Dick Theme Camps -- give the Installation Artists 200 DGS Tickets, and in return, these assholes will be happy to spend shitloads of money on blinky light towers or whatever, just so they can lock in those sweet sweet reserved tickets for themselves and their friends.
The Tone:
The Utopian Blinkylight Dreamscape has been cool for the past 16 years . . . Buuuut . . . it has gradually fallen out of touch with the world around us.
For far too long, The Org has ignored camps or underfunded art that could be perceived as dark or controversial in any way, shape or form.
Yet again, another example of their Cultural Direction Tactics to market Burning Man as a blinky-light-mickey-mouse-Epcot-Center for wealthy-business-insiders-and-celebrities featuring a safespace-family-oriented-wholesome-body-wellness-green-living-environment for social-media-influencer-photo-shoots.
Burning Man has NEVER been a Safe place!
In 1998, I witnessed a beheading by guillotine at the Opera Performance that was so realistic I spent the next 5 hours (still frying balls on acid!) convinced that Billy Graham was right about this place being a Satanic death cult that would bring about the end of the world.
If the Barbie Death Camp incident at last years’ Burn taught us anything, it is that there clearly need to be risky and controversial works of art at the festival.
We can't be having pussy-footed Australians throwing temper tantrums like little punk bitches CUZ they don't like the way someone put Barbie Dolls inside an oven!
Why did that do-good-koala-humping-limpdick-ASS-licker think it was OK? Well . . .The Org has shoved the narrative that Burning Man is strictly "good vibes only" down our fucking throats so deep that we finally gagged from it.
Why the fuck was that guy even there? Well, he clicked on the Business Insiders’ “Top Ten Burning Man Photos You Must See To BELIEVE” and thought it was gonna be nothing but butterfly sculptures and Instagram Models in front of giant letters.
No Kids:
Yep. Sorry Minecraft Burners, but you are gonna have to wait until you are 21 to come to this party!
Renegotiating the insurance policy as an over-21 festival will save The Org millions and millions of dollars.
Out of 80,000 people, less than .05% are under 21 . . .yet we have to check IDs at every fucking bar !?
Every year the gate gets closed down and no one can filter in or out because someone asshole can't find their kid. This should be a HUGE red flag !
Law Enforcement uses the fact that minors are allowed at the event as justification to engage in predatory conduct such as undercover stings, camp raids and random tickets for unsuspecting bartenders who forget to check IDs.
Also I am not comfortable with the legal grey area the Shirtcocking and Titbouncing in the presence of minors creates.
And if it ever comes down to nudity versus allowing kids, I am sorry but we can't sacrifice the heart of this festival on account of the fact that you don't want to get a fucking babysitter for the week.
Your kids could give a flying-donald-duck-fuck about Burning Man! You and I both know goddamn well that given the opportunity they would rather play video games for the week at grandma's house then have to listen to Mom and Dad fight at Burning Man all week about who got buttfucked by whom at the Orgy Dome. . .
So the rest of us can be free to fuck, drink, smoke and wave our goddamn dicks and clits around whereever we see fit!!!
The Temple:
In the early days of the David Best Temples, they were constructed from the leftover hollows of wooden dinosaur jigsaw puzzle pieces.
It was low cost, recycled and pretty fucking cool!
Last year’s Temple was overdesigned, structurally unsound, and made from rare rustic-oak hardwood and redwood trees imported from China.
Let’s cut costs and just do what those guys from Belgium did in 2005. It's a Very Simple Plan. We get a shitload of old 2x4 boards and fucking Wing It! The Belgium Waffle House would have made a perfectly good Temple.
Garbage Dumpsters:
Yep, that's right. In the future we will have dumpsters at Burning Man! All the Survivalist and Moop-shaming Burners say it will destroy the festival. Guess what, Burn Nut? It's already common practice for larger theme camps to rent dumpsters that are emptied at the end of the week!! It's been going on for YEARS! So what?
Theme Camps will now have to pay a dumpster fee and there will be strict rules around any public dumpsters. Believe me The Org will provide the minimum amount possible to accommodate the BLM. It won't be nearly enough dumpsters for everyone to just toss all their trash, recycling and extra bikes into.
Don't worry, Radical Self-Reliant Survivalist Burnertypes, other people will still have to suffer packing up and dealing with their own trash on the ride home. Moop-shamers rejoice! You will definitely still be able to shame people for mooping and not cleaning up, if not even more so now. I don't see why we can't be Radically Self-Reliant by having dumpsters on site. We will still Leave No Trace, while leaving one less thing for surrounding communities to bitch about.
Build the Wall !!!
Ya fuck it! Build the Wall. So what? Honestly, it will be more aesthetically pleasing than that fucking orange fence. And if that is what the Feds want, that's cool with me -- as long as The Org gets to choose who does Security!
Thank fucking god we are not doing Burning Man this year.
With the world on fire all around us, it seems a bit tone-def to hold a giant rave utopia party!
I, for one, will be enjoying the week indoors under air-conditioning and rolling around in the heaps of cash I am saving by not going. I’m not attending a single workshop to expand my consciousness, not giving a single gift to anyone, and not being radical or self-reliant in any way.
Fuck your Virtual Burn.
I am Zapper Jones. I will see you in the Dust again . . . Sometime Somewhere in the Future!
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2020.08.30 20:03 dsut22 A background to the 7th

A background to the 7th

7th (E7)

A background into the 7th, formerly known as E7 Crips, Forest Gate, East London.

Forest Gate town centre

Many drill fans will definitely have heard of the Forest Gate group in drill as it's very active in the drill scene and its intense rivalry with certain other East London areas like Custom House, Beckton and Leytonstone, I've seen many other pages with talk about 7th like the music they produce and who they beef, but for people new to UK Drill (or who do not know some of the history of the 7th gang) I trust you will find the background to Forest Gate, and its actual precursors intriguing. It took me a while to gather information on a group not as widely known as other London groups. I may do more of these, I could do 6th based in Beckton and maybe Manor Park based in the Manor Park and Cage area.


The gang was formulated in Forest Gate area of Newham across different roads and estates of the area such as the Woodgrange Estate based along Woodgrange Road (E7), Blackwater Close (E7) and their territory extends to the nearby Wanstead Flats (E11) area. The area borders Manor Park (E12), Stratford (E7, E15 and E20), Plashet (E6 and E7) and West Ham (E3, E13 and E15). Many of their allies are based in these areas, in particular Manor Park and Stratford.
ECG was the initials for E7 Crip Gang. The Woodgrange area of Forest Gate is nicknamed ''Gaza'' by members of the E7 gang especially in their drill music lyrics, most likely named after the Gaza Strip in relation to how much violence the E7 postcode has seen in many years. ''BWC'' is the initials for Blackwater Close which is another set of the 7th gang.
A number of past and current generations of gangs have existed in Newham and other London boroughs that associate with the colour blue, some of which in the past had also self-identified themselves as Crips. One of the first of these was the short lived Cripset from Dorset Road which claimed affiliation to the Rollin 80's Crips in Los Angeles. The gang was most active throughout the mid 2000's and were rivals to 031 Bloods, now know simply as 031 (O-Tray One) based in the Patmore and Hartington estates. This is seen as a massive influence on London from the famous American rival gangs Bloods and Crips.
7th themselves no longer claim Crips as their predecessor did.
There are a number of other gangs in London which have been linked with the colour blue. The Ghetto Boys from New Cross and Deptford have always used the colour blue, whilst the borough of Lewisham in which they are located in nicknamed 'Blu Borough' and can still be seen using blue street signs to this day, this is due to the use of the colour blue by local government, the street scene in Lewisham is characterised by blue - for example blue street signs.
Some of ECG/7th's rivalries have identified with colours themselves such as Beckton/6th who used to be known as Beckton Black Gang, identify with the colour black and also Custom House who used to be called Custom House White Gang, identify with the colour white.

Current beef and alliances

E7 Crips and the current 7th gang have had the same rivalries between gangs but some of the rivalries were rid of and have now become alliances during the current generation of the E7 gang, the 7th. The current generation of the mass rivalry in Newham has split the Newham borough into two factions, Northside Newham and Southside Newham. 7th belong to the Northside Newham faction. All of Northside Newham beef Southside Newham.
Northside Newham allies: 15th (E15), CGE (Chad Green) (E13), Maryland (E15), Thatched House Thugs (Northside Newham), E-Block (Northside Newham) and Smooth Money Makers (Northside Newham).
Southside Newham rivalries: 6th/ACG(Anyone Can Go)/Hammerville (E6), Custom House (E16), Loyal Soldiers (Leytonstone) (E11), Britannia Village, Canning Town Grey Gang (E16) and Leyton (Southside alliance).

Late 1990's

Forest Gate never really had much of the multi-generational phases of gangs, which would have had each generation taking on their own identity and name, in comparison to other London Boroughs such as Haringay, Lambeth and Waltham Forest. Woodgrange Estate and Forest Gate as whole, where the E7 gang was formed, had long had music being produced before they descended into gang violence in the mid-2000s, previously being called the gang Mobb'd Out Crew and Kamikaze Crew. In reports of the late 1990s, Forest Gate and many areas of East London as a whole was characterized as deprived in income, employment, health and crime.


E7 Crips was created around 2003 which had been composed of a mixture of street gang link ups such as the Smooth Money Makers and older music collectives such as the Kamikaze Crew and Mobb'd Out Crew that have been around since 2003. The Crips identity and association with the colour blue was instigated from their rivalry with nearby Maryland Bloods and this was one of the earliest Blood vs Crips feud along with Crips vs 031 Bloods in South London. The rivalry with Maryland Bloods consisted of certain members or factions within the gang and was not reduced to an area wide conflict, multiple areas in Newham had been involved.
Today Maryland and E7 do not beef anymore and are instead linked together. When it was the generation of the E7 Crips, the older members of the gangs beefed Maryland Bloods but the younger members did not.
A number of notable crimes have taken place in the area since the E7 Crips/7th were established.

Rest of the 2000's

However, some of Newham's gangs also began to fragment due to leaders of the gang being jailed, leaving a leadership vacuum in their place. Independent factions developed, with some younger members of Newham Gangs now referring to themselves as the 6th(or the trap 6, and later simply ACG). whereas some GAS Gang members from elsewhere like Canning Town now referring to themselves as CT or ''Grey Town. The fragmenting also led to infighting between the two new factions now known as Southside Newham and Northside Newham.

However, what we know as the current rivalry today was created due to the killing a 15-year-old boy was stabbed to death in east London following an apparent confrontation between members of a large group of youths who had attended an event run by an anti-violence charity.
Lewis was stabbed several times in the chest in Whitwell Road, Plaistow, at about 10.45pm on Saturday. He was pronounced dead in hospital. It was the first violent death of a teenager in the capital for two months.
The Metropolitan police identified him as Steven Lewis, who lived locally. A photograph of the teenager was placed on the MySpace social networking site alongside messages including "Ull never B forgotten" and "Rest in perfect peace, bruv".
Two women, who said they were from Steven's extended family but asked not to be named, said his brother and sister had been with him when he was stabbed. "His sister was holding him when he was dying," one said. "She's 16 herself. His brother is 13 and saw everything."


A number of notable crimes have taken place in the area since the E7 Crips have established. Mahmood Jama was gunned down by rivals at Whyteville House near Woodgrange in January 2010. The victim who was from Plaistow was found shot in the chest at the address on 6th January. Mohammed Ali, also known as Tray, was sent to Broadmoor mental hospital following his trial for the murder in June 2011. Jama was shot in the chest as the pair tussled over a shotgun at Whyteville House.
Mahamoud Jama, 21, of Plaistow, east London, was shot in the chest and found on a first-floor landing at Whyteville House in Forest Gate, in January 2010.
Mohamed Ali, of Romford Road, Forest Gate, was convicted of manslaughter and possession of a firearm but cleared of murder, at the Old Bailey.
Maurece Lewis, 19, of Haslemere Road, Ilford, was found guilty of assisting an offender.
The sentencing date for both men is yet to be set.
Det Ch Insp Mark Dunne said: "Our thoughts are with Mahamoud's family and friends."

The gang leaders, who were in custody, persuaded other defendants who were on bail to bring cannabis into the courtroom, the court heard. They were all members of a gang known as the "Smooth Money Makers" who were arrested after striking in the wake of the Notting Hill Carnival in August last year.
The thugs had wielded broken beer bottles to frighten passengers into handing over mobile phones and digital cameras. Other victims were punched and kicked as the youths ran riot on the Central and Bakerloo lines before targeting a packed bus in Bethnal Green. During their trial at Snaresbrook crown court they struggled with security staff and shouted obscenities. At the end of the four-week case yesterday the jury convicted the eight of conspiracy to rob.


Ali claimed that the gun went off accidentally and that he had only arrived armed to scare off a group of people who objected to him dealing drugs in the area. Following his conviction for murder psychiatrists diagnosed Ali as suffering from psychosis and personality disorder traits. He was sent to Broadmoor under sections 37 and 41 of the Mental Health Act. It was believed that Ali had got into trouble with a number of drug dealers who resented him encroaching on their territory.
The Smooth Money Makers (SMM) gang were known heavily by the police with their hate for the law. One member of the gang, Fhazio Mulwinda, carried out a £25,000 cash box snatch whilst on his way to court for an earlier raid. He was already due in court for being the driver of a getaway vehicle for a heist at an Esso petrol station. When he failed to turn up at court it emerged he had been arrested at the scene of another robbery of Alliance and Leicester.
A number of the SMM appeared at court on a range of charges. During the trial they shouted and were boisterous and dropped bags of cannabis in the dock which had been sneaked in by friends. Mulwinda laughed in the face of Flying Squad officers as he told them an endless line of youngsters were ready to fill his shoes. Another member Neeko Brooks boasted “You can’t stop it, all the young’uns are coming up”.
Several members of the gang were jailed two years earlier for having robbed passengers on the Central and Bakerloo line as they journeyed home from the Notting Hill carnival. Mulwinda was at that time on bail for another cash box robbery that had occurred in Leyton. Numerous members of the gang have a string of convictions for theft, robbery and drugs offences. Despite the gangs youthfulness they were highly sophisticated in their planning and execution of the cash-box robberies and often used two cars, one for surveillance and one to getaway.


After this the gangs in London started to drop the usage of Crips and Bloods into the gang names and began to use gang names that are more modern and still in usage as of the present day and that includes the E7 gang.
In the 2010's, prominent members of several gangs in Newham started to get sentences for murders, Terngu Agera (aka Mover), Bruno Guimaraes (Southside Newham member ), Stephen Lansana (Southside Newham member, Marlon O'Brien, from Custom House), were all involved and sentenced to a total of 35 years in prison for the murder of Lithuanian painter.
Corey Junior Davis who was known on the roads as CJ was allegedly an affiliate or member of the 7th gang and he was shot dead in a playground in Newham, east London, on the 4th of September 2017.
A review said Corey, who once ordered a bulletproof vest for protection, was seen as an offender and not an exploited child when he aired his fears.
The area's mayor said she was "profoundly sorry" for Corey's death.
A serious case review found the teenager had been groomed by gangs from the age of 13.
It said Corey, who had severe ADHD but had achieved above-average grades in primary school, was not properly catered for when he moved to secondary sch
CB is thought of by many as the best artist in the drill music genre. He currently has a younger called Y.CB (Young CB) making music for the 7th.
''Lekan Akinsoji, 21, aka CB, and three other gang members were pursued by officers after they embarked on a ‘ride out’ to target rivals in east London, the Old Bailey heard.'' - Metro
''The chase came to an end when the BMW was driven the wrong way down a one-way street in Leytonstone. Akinsoji emerged from the car wearing a ‘frightening’ clown mask and all four gang members were wearing gloves and had their faces either partially or fully covered. A fifth man, who was behind the wheel, fled on foot and was not arrested, the court heard. Police seized an arsenal of weapons, including a loaded sawn-off shotgun, two lock knives, an axe, a machete, a hunting knife and a zombie knife.'' - Metro
7th have still continued to drop more music such as:
C1NNA x YB - Twinning
CB - The Things
Yanko x Y.CB - No Hook
Y.CB x Yanko - Love It
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2020.08.29 08:13 Pandalism Some Search Tips

If you search bond can't let you go you get a bunch of psychology stuff. But if you search "bond" "can't let you go" you immediately find the song Can't Let You Go by the band Bond! Each pair of quotes ensure two things: that the resulting pages actually include the term (sometimes Google tries to be too smart and show you pages that don't, which is not what you want when looking for titles or lyrics) and that the exact phrase is included, not just the individual words.
Discogs is often used when searching for mysterious songs. Be sure to check out the advanced search which is a bit hard to find. As on Google you can use quotes to search for an exact phrase.
I made a bookmarklet that can make searching for songs on Discogs faster. Create a bookmark containing the following code as the URL, then go to any Discogs album page, highlight a track name and click on the bookmark. It will Google the artist name and the song name together, both enclosed in quotes as above, which will hopefully bring up a YouTube upload of the song.
javascript:track=window.getSelection();artist=document.getElementById('profile_title').innerText.split(' %E2%80%8E– ')[0];query='"'+artist+'" "'+track+'"';''+query); 
Only mentioning this program here because it's a file sharing network that contains a lot of songs that are impossible to find anywhere else. Unfortunately the search function is not very good, exact phrase searching is not supported.
Wayback Machine
Hopefully most people already know about this, you can see previous versions of any web page. And by using the * character you can also see a list of all archived pages under a particular domain or subdirectory, which can be further filtered by keyword.*/*
Yes, it still exists! They accidentally deleted all of their music, but you can still search the tracks and artists. There is also an archive of a small subset of the deleted music.
Miscellaneous TMS stuff
I posted about the music blogs on blogger already but they're worth looking through if you haven't yet. This is where Google's smarts can be helpful, searching for germany 1984 cassette download and going through the pages actually brings up a whole lot of blogs containing rare cassette rips for download (file links may or may not work).
Spex was a German music magazine in the 80s. Yesterday I went through all the 1984 issues and made a list of all of the bands who played in Hamburg, where NDR is located.
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2020.08.28 19:31 drwski_luv Myspace Recovery

Hey guys, years ago during the Myspace phenomenon I started professional wrestling and converted my be person MySpace page into my character account. I had posted a few of my first videos to the site and some pictures.
Fast forward I quit wrestling and I think one of my ex's delete the account not sure but I don't have a way to access anything the only thing I can remember is a couple of the video titles.
Is there a way to recover the videos?
TLDR: I uploaded videos to Myspace in the early 2000's can I recover the video?
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2020.08.28 18:10 TheOneTheyCallWho My mobile keyboard refuses to swipe-type or learn the word "Reddit" even though I have probably typed it into google consistently for years. I have no idea why, but it bothers me to no end.

GBoard consistently guesses "refit, redid, refill, refund, redditaccount (wtf?), redditmobile(the subreddit), Redditch," etc. It will never swipe correctly, even after repeated tries to delete these learned words and instill the word "Reddit" into its memory. I even make it a point to swipe past the two D's slowly just in case that's the issue. Nope. Is Google biased against Reddit? Just as I typed that, it refused to even acknowledge the word's existence. I had to manually capitalize the R. Like, I can even swipe social media sites that I don't ever use, let alone type about. Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Myspace, for example. All swiped. -- And remember earlier when I typed "subreddit?" That worked just fine. What gives, Google?
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2020.08.27 19:28 gamerroids I know the HOW in html, css and bootstrap 3 and 4 but got i cannot make anything look "pretty". How do i get better i using what i know to make something that actually reflects my skills?

I know how to build with html, css and bootstrap 3 and 4. i have built a lot of websites for fun, i just SUCK at design. I don't know what looks good and everything i make ends up looking like some crappy old myspace page or something. It's not that i don't know what im doing, it's more like i am not artistic i guess? i don't know. What can i do to get better at making "pretty" websites? Sites people will go to and think "wow, i wonder how they make these. It's incredible". Before i ever start web design and programming, when i would go to a cool website i would think like "Wow, i wonder how they made that? It's probably some super complex code i could never do" But now, i know how to write it, only i still can't make them because i have no creative ideas! I could look at a super cool website and easily replicate the html/css, but if i looked at a blank screen i would not have any clue where to start to make it look good. All my sites always just end up with a header picture up top, with a navbar at the bottom of the picture, text on the left and then a table/menu on the right and just the colors never look good and the sizing never looks that great and the font's never that good and it just never looks "sleek".

I focus more of my attention towards learning the backend right now, cause that was my original goal but i still wish i had an eye for design so i can build something that is 100% my own rather than copy a template and then do the backend stuff. What kind of exercises can i do to get better at making my stuff look sleek and nice?

My friend is an artist and i am building my first professional website for her to showcase her art, sell her art, and take commissions. This is the first website that i will be adding to my portfolio and i would like to make it look really good, both for my portfolio's sake but also because she's helped me with a lot of stuff (Me and a friend are working on programming an RPG. She has does TONS of concept art for it, totally for free) and i said i'd return the favor by building this site for free and i wanna make it look as good as i can. No deadline. I would just like to get better at design.
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2020.08.27 13:48 allrollingwolf sauerkraut and heroin; being responsible

This doesn't really have anything to do with sauerkraut, but I'm sitting here at my desk eating some homemade stuff and smoking right now and I want to talk about this.
I'm in my 30s but started doing heroin when I was 15 or 16 years old. My family is relatively well off and I grew up in a nice place with nice kids where heroin was on very few people's minds.
From early in my teens I was heavily involved with internet community. I played counter-strike and ran servers and made websites for clans and leagues. I ran a poetry forum. I was active on MySpace posting music and critiquing others.
I was also a heavy stoner, and very interested in hallucinogens and drugs in general. On Nexopia, a teen social network, there were a few boards. There was Drugs which was filled with E-tards, and then there was Pipe Mania.
Pipe Mania was different. The rest of Nexopia forums were populated primarily by people who used nexopia and then found their ways to the forums to have on-topic conversations. Pipe Mania was the result of an exodus and filled largely with people from elsewhere.
Back in the early days of GameFaqs, the first big website where my brother and I would find tutorials and cheat codes for video games, they hosted all sorts of unsavory forums... 4chanesque. One of these was called Pipe Mania, sarcastically referring to the Commodore 64 game, but actually talking about smoking drugs, and being alive together on the early internet. At some point gamefaqs decided to purge the site of immoral content and the members of pipe mania needed to find a new place to host their forum that wasn't just a dead end, so they moved to nexopia.
I spent years on that forum and developed friendships with people across North America. We shared music and art and ideas and laughs and our live drugs experiences frequently. Ages ranged from 14-30
Simultaneously, I had a few good friends in high school I spent a lot of my time with in the real world. We skated and smoked and still speak to this day. But they had no idea about my big group of friends online.
A couple years in, I had a friend online on the forum, lets call him Trevor. He was my age and we both loved all sorts of super aggressive music and hitting the bong. We had been chatting for a couple years when we both acknowledged that we lived about an hour from each other and should probably just hang out. Being interested in opiates (I had had some painkillers and opium previously) we decided we would go downtown and try to buy downtown and then go back to his.
The funny thing was that my mum insisted on calling his dad to see if he was cool. She did, and they unknowingly agreed to let their sons meet to try heroin for the first time.
It was a beautiful afternoon. Trevor's dad had a big basement in a nice older house, the sunlight coming in and catching the dust, we snorted some decent lines and watched Pulp Fiction, nodding in and out in some big recliners. Honestly, that image is the only memory I have of that day, other than the prostitute we bought the down off of pulling it out of her flip knife.
We had a few days like this; always few and far between though as we lived kind of far.
We started to include another guy from the forums, Brad, because he expressed interest after we kept talking about the great times we were having together. I remember I went to his place and we listened to Elliot Smith all night; started off by smoking a big crack rock and then switching over to down. I threw up for the first time from it as we were smoking some big strong hits... In another random basement, this time less beautiful, everything kinda white or beige and chipped and scuffed and crumbling. I don't remember what Brad did, but he was older than us by at least 5 years.
Shortly after this I have one last memory of Trevor. He was in bad shape and we smoked in a bush next to an apartment building that was near us. I disconnected from him then. I wish I had more to say.
Trevor is straight edge now. He lived on the street for a couple of years before getting his life back together.
After I left him I mostly stopped using.
Somewhere in the later days, a younger south African kidm Lee, showed up on the shitty Drugs forum and I found out he lived in my town. He typed like an idiot with all sorts of mistakes and capitalizations. He was whacky but somehow through it you could tell that he was intelligent. But mainly, he was talking about heroin. I PMed him and asked him if he wanted to hang out and help me pick up.
I quickly found out that his connection was an old chinese man, who had only the finest, strongest #4, the best I'd ever seen... such a safe and satisfying way to buy. No sketchiness, only value. He got this connection through his stepdad.
Him and his mother and his stepdad all shared a small basement suite.
Him and his stepdad were both frequent users. Lee smoked and his stepdad injected. His mother had no idea.
They were both steadily employed as specialized construction workers (gonna leave the detail out) and were very clean and communicative. It actually amazed me. I was used to seeing dirty people who ultimately couldn't keep it together with heroin, but these two were operating a life seemingly flawless.
The first and only time I ever shot up was my 20th birthday. Lee's step dad came over to my house and showed me how to do it. I am very lucky to have had a nice safe and informative experience injecting. My favorite takeaway was the "red flag". I still like to imagine myself just pulling a tiny amount of blood.
Obviously, it was great. It was my birthday, I was fucking flying. But I guess my mistake was that I brought my friend in.
At the time, my friend Chris, was the only person that I let anywhere near my internet life as he had his own and was into music and hacking and drugs and writing as well. We did everything together for a time. He was there on my birthday and we shot up together.
Right after, without my knowledge, he got a large amount of methadone for some reason and took it. It seems like he foolishly set his dose and he ended up being fucked for 2 days. His eyes were red he was constantly nodding off and he had the biggest presentation of the year for his business school. He should have stayed home but he went and instantly burned every bridge he had built. I wish I had told him to stay home.
We both fucked my girlfriend while we were all blasted one time and it was ridiculous, our roommates were terrified as we were all just slapping the shit out of each other and screaming and pounding for hours without any result. Near the end he came on her face and I got super sad and mad because "she never let me do that normally". She was on the way out anyways and not the girl for me, but I was just overly emotional, probably from the drugs and I wish I wasn't.
I tried to go sober sometime after that and Chris freaked out. I told him one day that I wanted to go cold turkey for a while because things were getting out of control. He reacted really... shockingly poorly, like I was dying. I quickly found he NEEDED someone to do drugs with in a way that I guess I didn't. I was having fun, fending off boredom... He was filling a massive hole in himself. After a series of fuckups I lost him.
Since then I had mostly done heroin sparingly, at random occasions when walking down the street and an easy opportunity arose to buy. Never really seeking, but always being open to happenstance.
Until this year.
I had a friend from a place I used to live who quietly developed a serious opiate addiction. I don't know exactly how and I don't feel comfortable digging in for information at this point in time, but he was getting it from the darknet.
Now me, as a internet and computer literate person, already knew how to operate on the darknet, about cryptography, about how to find things, but was always a combination of too lazy and too scared to actually do anything. Hearing about my friend, less capable with computers than myself, pulling it off easily, and quietly inspired me to just go for it. The funny part is that I only knew about all this because he ended up going too far, almost dying and then seeking help.
So yeah... fast-forward to... now.
Last month I used three days in a row for entire nights.
I finally experienced withdrawal.
Now I'm asking... why the fuck does anyone continue to use this drug after experiencing withdrawal? Fucking scratching myself raw, feeling hot as hell, just fucking passing out... shitting myself... then not being able to shit. WTF.
I love heroin. It makes me make music.
I've always felt like I've had it mostly under control, and I have, its never fucked my life up and I have always created distance.
But now... with the ease of acquiring it on the darknet I worry that there is nothing separating me from it anymore.
Lately my method has been to tell little bits to people I trust so that they are aware that I'm using. To me this makes it so that if I started to get sketchy, they would be able to quickly call me out on it.
Now I'm rambling, but what I want to know is, if you have, how had you kept your use responsible and casual?
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